Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jealousy and Arousal, two sides of the same coin?

If you have read the earlier posts on our blog (and if you haven't.. you MUST read Leila's My heart beat faster..), you have already seen examples of what an incredibly sexual woman my Hot Wife is. When we met, experiencing her sexual energy was like nothing I had ever felt before. As I said in HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first, keeping that sexual energy going is a challenge for any relationship.

It's called new relationship energy, or NRE, that mix of excitement and desire you feel in the early days of being with someone who gets you aroused just by thinking about them. Your senses come alive. You are intoxicated by the scent of her perfume. When she comes near.. you immediately feel lustful stirrings. To be certain, she still does that to me, but it can never be exactly the same as when everything is new.

Before developing a relationship with Leila, I had never thought of sharing that energy I felt with her with other men. But, looking back now, my realizations of how exciting it can be to have a Hot Wife actually draw their origin from experiences she shared with me before we were even together. I got a vicarious charge and arousal from Leila's stories of her sexual adventures, but felt terribly jealous at the same time. I think she liked that it had that affect on me!

Leila started exploring her sexuality not long before we met. She had been in a long-term relationship, and was still living (unhappily) with another man at the time. Sexual exploration was just one aspect of her process of discovery. As you know if you read Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris, it didn't take me long to see what a hot, sexual creature she is!

A few months after we met, Leila was out on a Friday night at a bar with her other man. I'll call him "W".  She must have been feeling like driving men crazy that night, as she wore a snug black-mesh top with strategically placed opaque panels in front, which completely exposed her sexy back and cleavage, while not giving away everything. It wasn't a lifestyle event, so this was one smoking hot top for your neighborhood pub! She also put on a pair of very tight jeans, to accentuate her curvaceous ass.

Not that I saw her in any of this at the time, mind you. This is from her description. (I did get to see her in the top later, but that's a story for another day.) Leila and I actually met online, and especially in the early days, we would often communicate via instant messenger or email. That is the source of the notes I copied into my earlier posts. On the Saturday morning after her pub outing, I got a message from her. "Can you meet me", she said, "I want to tell you about last night."

How could I resist, though I was already sensing some jealousy? She and I had grabbed a quick drink after work that Friday, and then she went out and had fun with someone else!  So, I met Leila at an office supply store, since she needed an excuse for going out that Saturday morning. As we walked through the store, she told me about what she wore, how they had gone to the bar, and "W" just wouldn't dance.. leaving her to put on a sexy show that I can only imagine! I think he may have been experiencing some of these same feelings, besides not being able or willing to dance. I bet he preferred to enjoy watching the stares of other guys as they stood along the rail above the dance floor, lusting for Leila.

And she put on quite a show!

She told me how she made eye contact with a group of guys, who were egging each other on to go dance with her. They knew she was there with her guy, who sat near the dance floor watching, but there she was seducing them with her writhing dance and showing off her body.  Finally, one of them bought "W" a beer, and asked if he could dance with her.

Leila told me that as soon as they were on the dance floor, she could tell the guy had a hardon. She loves getting guys hard! Leila could see his bulge in his khaki slacks. She turned her back to him, and did this move that she loves to do.. bending and wiggling her ass toward him, as his hard cock brushed against her.  As she turned again to face him, he leaned in closer, wanting so badly to kiss her as she felt his breath on her neck. As Leila was telling me this, now I had a raging hardon. And we were in at Staples!!

She was smiling. Oh my god... she was driving me crazy! "He said.. I want to fuck you", Leila told me.

Well, I hadn't even fucked her yet, so this was really driving me nuts! "What did you tell him", I said, "did you slap him"!?  After all, she was there with "W"! "I told him that would be hot", she said.  DAMN!

The night went on at the pub, with more drinking and dancing, and finally the guy who told Leila he wanted to fuck her gave her and "W" his business card. Apparently, they were a group of car salesman out for drinks after work. He invited Leila to come see him.. if she was looking for a new car sometime.

When they got home, "W" kept teasing Leila over her seducing the guys, and how much they wanted her. She told me that it got "W" so hot, that he fucked her 4 times! He would grab his cell phone as they were in bed, pull out the car salesman's business card, and threaten to call him to come over and fuck her. From what she told me, that resulted in a night of fucking that left them both exhausted. Though she would yell in protest when he did it, it must have gotten them both very aroused.

So... why did she want to tell me this? Leila said she was thinking of me when she was turning those guys on. She was just beginning to discover the power of her sexual energy. And, as it turns out, I was just beginning to discover what it would be like to have a Hot Wife. Now, I love to pick out a sexy outfit, that I have bought for her, and show her off like she did that night at the Pub.

I'm wondering about other husbands of Hot Wives out there. Did you first discover the feelings of jealousy, mixed with excitement, when other men lusted after your woman?  How did you come to be interested in exploring Hot Wife adventures?

For the single men, I have a tip for you.

Tip #6: If you see a woman out with her man, acting like a Hot Wife.. take a chance!

Approach them, with respect, and in your most gentlemanly manner. Leila and I have been at that same bar, with her flirting with a guy, when he just acted like I wasn't there. Not cool! On other occasions, guys just didn't get it, and missed a great opportunity.

I gave some tips on approaching a Hot Wife couple in Tip #1: It's not about you! I completely understand normal reluctance to approach a hot woman when she is with another guy. But you'll know if he is into showing her off. Compliment the lady, or better yet.. chat up her guy. You'll know pretty quick if your approach is welcome. If it's us, and you are cool, you will find Leila chatting you up to get to know you too. If you don't take a chance, you will never know.


  1. You guys seem to have found the button that keeps your relationship steamy! You are very lucky to have found each other, from what I've read here, Leila is one hot lady. I imagined her dancing at the bar, getting all the guys hot, nice! What's even better is that SHE was feeling just as hot as they were. I can see how she could give you a hard on at Staples!

    I'm not sure what to say about tip #6 though. There are a lot of macho freaks out there that are looking for an excuse to crack a bottle over your head at the slightest provocation. Keep in mind that most guys are NOT into sharing their lady with someone else and even if they were, may not be able to handle it, especially in public like that. I say approach with caution at first and move slowly.

  2. Thanks @badside.

    When I wrote that tip, I did think that perhaps more detailed advise was called for. A single male needs to have some judgment skills to assess the situation. I think that 99% of the time, you would be safe telling a guy "your wife is very beautiful, you are a lucky man". There shouldn't be anything threatening in that. Be prepared to just walk away and leave it at that if he doesn't take the compliment.

    On the other hand, if he does.. chat about whatever.. and see where it goes. With us.. well.. more stories to tell :-)

  3. Sounds like a good approach. Can't wait to read more of your stories!

  4. Definitely a comment we make...and a comment we like to hear



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