Monday, May 14, 2012

Tip #4 - Be honest with yourself first!

I am a very positive guy, and I really try to avoid being cynical, but sometimes it is difficult not to be when the empirical evidence stacks up in the negative.  I mentioned in my first post that Leila and I have found it surprisingly difficult to find a good man for potential MFM play.  This past weekend, we experienced another incident that further proves the point.

From this, I have my latest Tip for Single Males (SMs):
Tip #4: Know Yourself, and Be Honest With Yourself First!

Guys, if there is even an iota of dishonesty in your approach to any woman, hell .. in your life... it will come to light. And when it does, it won't be good. Save everyone a lot of trouble and check in with yourself first. You must be honest with yourself first!

My cynical opinion, which I would gladly dispose of with sufficient evidence to the contrary, is that there are too many men seeking an MFM or HotWife encounter because they are unsuccessful connecting with a single woman on their own. A HotWife may appear to be easier, a hot sexual woman who has declared her desire, without all the burden of a relationship! Sorry guys, you're just fooling yourself. If you aren't capable of attracting a single woman to have sex with you, or if you have some issues that you are trying to hide, forget about treating a HotWife as if she is an easy outlet. It will be harder! You need to convince her husband too!

Everyone who has ever placed a lifestyle ad probably has a flake story to tell. The guy or couple, or woman I suppose, who just doesn't show up when they say they would. Or cancels at the last minute. Or just disappears off the net.

We had a guy respond to one of our ads recently, just to meet at a local bar. This guy actually came to the bar.. and he failed to approach! WTF dude?

Here are some of his texts:
  • I am here.. i think i saw u guys.. but she's busy...
  • She is absolutely beautiful!  Do you have anyone else showing up??
  • It looks as though she is getting hit on...
  • Dude, i am so chicken shit... <you're right about that!!>
  • I am sitting down to your left... over by the bouncers ... only guy sitting by myself... i as so lame!!
  • <us:  Leila wants to know what you are wearing. She will seek you out if you are shy. >
  • If u guys don't find what you're looking for, call me <riiight.. that will happen!>
Must have been bad judgment on our part. We get that guys can be shy, but come on now! It's not like we didn't offer encouragement. At one point I texted back: "Ignore the guy on Leila's left. Say hi."

OK, that was just a random, spur of the moment, let's have some fun on a Saturday night kind of thing.

But this past weekend, it happened with a guy we 1st met almost 2 years ago. The good thing is, we are glad it happened now, because we changed our plan and met a fantastic couple from Kasidie instead.We do give him credit for telling us before it was too late.

Recall Tip #2: Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.
That goes both ways for us. If we meet a guy we think would be fun to get to know better, we have no timetable. No rush! We are still exploring. Such was the case here.

He is very intelligent, charming, witty. We met once and Leila was immediately attracted. We exchanged emails, we all have crazy busy schedules, and we just hadn't been able to connect. A few months ago, he didn't show up at a bar when we had setup a date. He is in a profession where he is on call, so we believed his explanation.  We rescheduled, and in the mean time had some more hot phone sex with him.

Then last week, with a date set for the coming Saturday, no replies back  to confirm. Finally, on Saturday morning, the message came. I'll share just this excerpt:
"suffice it to say that there's something important that I need to unknot, and to do so requires me to disengage"
Leila thanked him for being truthful, and graciously wished him well in finding his path to resolve whatever his issues are. It could have been worse. 

We'd love to hear from the guys, and from other couples. Are these sort of encounters unusual? Are you SMs 100% honest in your encounters?  If you are not, care to share (anonymously) what you are looking for?


  1. Hi guys! I just discovered your blog and wanted to tell you how much I like it. You're so right about there being nowhere for SMs to learn about the HW lifestyle. I appreciate you giving tips, these are things I've thought about myself. To me a lady should always be treated as a lady, married, single, or HW; treat people the way you'd want to be treated, makes sense right? I think you're doing a great job conveying your lifestyle while interspersing your extremely hot stories about Leila (I think my computer almost had a meltdown!). Anyway, just thought I'd offer my two cents and say thanks, good job and I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Thanks for the awesome compliments 'badside'. We are curious how you discovered our blog, and which post nearly melted your PC? Mr2Hot thinks he knows! ;-)

  3. Hello Again Guys! I found your blog from Hot Wife Experiences blog. Sometimes I like to follow links from blogs, as you never know where it will lead, most times you find nothing, but every once in a while, a gem like yours.

    As for giving my computer a meltdown, hmm, which post to choose from? Reading about Leila describing her black thong and pulling it on tight, OMG!! Let's just say I was very excited reading that! As you probably guessed I'm a lingerie fanatic, love to see beautiful women in pretty lingerie. To me this is the icing on the cake! I was also extremely tortured at the thought of Leila in her unpadded bra at work. I could almost picture her beautiful breasts heaving up and down with each breath she took, encased in her pretty ivory colored bra, nipples erect, aching to be touched. Leila certainly does know how to turn on guys, just reading the recreation of that night was blisteringly hot!

  4. When I was solo I always kept my plans...even when I was feeling shy LOL.

    The Mrs says she was also VERY careful not to miss a date (if you knew what she looked like you'd know guys would gladly wait, or reschedule, for her).

    2luvbirds (Kasidie)


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