Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vanilla Crush

I could sense their attraction when we first met. We were having Nick build a piece of custom furniture, and Leila was excited to discuss our design ideas. From the samples of his work we had seen, we knew he was a talented craftsman. In person, his laid back manner and soft-spoken nature made him very easy to talk to.

Leila always loves talking to interesting people, regardless of any sexual attraction, and her passion for the project already had her excited. While Nick (she would say later) wasn't strikingly handsome, he is lean and fit, with sort of a surfer look in his Maui T-shirts. I saw instant chemistry there.

Once the project was underway, Leila and I visited his workshop to see the progress he had made. It would be a good opportunity to see how he worked, and we were interested to better understand how such a complex piece of furniture was put together.  It was very cool to see our collaborative design come to life in this intermediate stage, before it was complete and the complexity of its construction and assembly would be less evident.

To capture the moment, I took a picture of Leila and Nick in front of his work. He stood close with one arm politely around her back, holding a small piece of his fine detailed carpentry with the other. Both had big smiles, Leila glowing with that seductive look that makes men want to kiss her, and Nick bearing more of a bashful grin.

That would have been it for our visit, but the two were immersed in a lively conversation, branching off to subjects that had nothing to do with our project. I could tell how much Leila was enjoying talking to him, her energy was glowing as she shared random thoughts and asked questions to get to know him better.

At first, I thought we might be keeping him from going home at the end of a long day, but his cell phone rang several times and he just ignored it. It was like I wasn't even there as he gazed at her. No problem. This was a moment when it's fun to just stand back a bit and watch, to see Leila's irresistible charms at work.

As the chatting went on, and Nick segued into his concerns about the health effects of plastic bottled water, I knew he was hooked. How did we get onto that subject? It no longer mattered what time it was, or the topic, he didn't want Leila to leave! He eventually touched her arm as they talked, a sure sign of his attraction. That was all for this meeting, however, and we soon said our goodbyes and wished him a good evening.

Afterward, Leila and I talked about what had happened, and she said "I really like him". There was something about him that she couldn't describe, a certain connection, but I knew it when I saw it. He made her comfortable, but at the same time there was an indescribable chemistry that made both of them a bit nervous. I teased her about the attraction, and she said she would enjoy having him as a friend. Maybe we could invite him over for drinks or dinner after the project was done.

Later, Leila admitted there was more to the attraction, but where do you go with it? Was it possible to introduce Hot Wife play to a "vanilla" guy, without it turning into a disaster? We discussed this question in an older post on "Hot Wives, MFM, and the uninitiated Single Male", but this was different. That situation was in a bar, where flirting and hookups are expected. This time, the connection started out as a business relationship.

Nick surely wouldn't risk losing a client by making a move on the wife. He's not that kind of guy. We imagined he was just as perplexed about how to respond to the feelings as we were. If she opened up to him in a suggestive way, he would likely think she was fooling around behind my back. Leila and I talked about it, but didn't come up with any answers. I suggested taking things slow, make him comfortable in knowing that she enjoyed spending time with him, and go from there.

The next opportunity arose when Nick prepared some stain samples for us to compare finishes. There was no reason for me to go with her, so Leila stopped by his shop on her way home from work to pick it up. He came out to meet her at the car, and seemed excited to see her again as she followed him into the wood shop. He said he couldn't remember where he put the sample, and took her to a back room to look for it while they talked. As they stood shoulder to shoulder looking at color samples, Leila wondered what would happen if her lips brushed against his cheek softly. I imagine he was thinking something similar, the way he stared repeatedly at her mouth and seemed to 'get lost' in his thoughts at times.

Though picking up the stain sample was a simple task, they once again were immersed in conversation for an hour, as his cell phone rang several times. They discovered mutual interests, in an upcoming antique show that she wanted to attend.  I'm not as into that, but Nick told her "I'd love to go with you", if she couldn't find anyone else. Now that was an interesting proposition! Perhaps it would offer an opportunity to connect on more friendly terms, away from his work. He obviously was warming up to Leila, surprising her by calling her "hun", and walking her back to her car when she left.

Now, Leila had to admit that the attraction was mutual. She could feel it. They were almost like nervous school kids, sensing the sexual tension but not knowing what to do about it. After spending some time alone in the workshop with Nick, Leila wondered if he ever brought other women there, maybe even had sex there!

Sitting next to each other on the sofa that evening, recounting her meeting, we were both getting turned on.

"What did you imagine doing with him?", I asked as I kissed a particularly sensitive spot on her neck.

"I thought about him bending me over a workbench", Leila cooed softly as her breasts rose with each progressively more shallow breath, "and taking me from behind."

I was hard as a rock, and stood up to pull out my hardon as Leila laid down. I brought my cock to her lips, "and I want to taste him", she oozed.

This led to a furious fuck session, right there on our couch, with both of us talking dirty about fantasies of what she would do with Nick. We were left in a state of orgasmic bliss. Talking more after, Leila was still uncertain what, if anything, to do next. It was likely to never go further, we thought. Regardless, the fantasy role playing sex that this new connection energy had stimulated was hot!

I encouraged her to be more flirtatious next time, touch him if an opportunity arose, or simply tell him how much she enjoyed spending time with him. She protested, "I can't do that!"

But I knew she wanted to.

We didn't have to wait long for another encounter. Nick called a few days later to say he used the stains we selected, and would like us to come see if one coat gave us the color we wanted. He only had a short time before he needed to leave the workshop, however, so I suggested that Leila ask him if he could do it later. I wanted them to be able to spend time together without any pressure to cut it off.

Leila apparently had other ideas, sort of a "leave him wanting more" strategy that would drive me wild! It was another warm pre-summer day, and she chose a deep purple tank top that clung to her shapely bosom like a second skin, exposing her sexy shoulders and enough d├ęcolletage to leave any man's tongue hanging. Thank you global warming!

Her yoga pants were snug as well, showing off her sexy ass like they were painted on. She often makes me wish I had two sets of hands, it's so hard to choose where to fondle. Or.. perhaps have another man provide the second pair of hands to explore my sex goddess' body in a passionate MFM!

When I went into our bathroom that morning, Leila totally surprised me. It was only 9:30 AM, but she was putting on makeup as if we were going out to a club on a Saturday night. I watched as she put on her eyeliner, followed by mascara. Although she had responded shyly to my suggestions to be more forward in her flirtations, she was now clearly in a mood to turn up the heat!

When Leila applied her mascara, and her beautiful long lashes fluttered seductively, it really turned me on! She finished with her sexiest red lipstick, which was sure to make him swoon. Leila pulled out the clip that held up her hair. With a sexy shake of her head, her brunette tresses cascaded over her bare shoulders, and she was off in a rush.

Since Nick had to leave 30 minutes after she arrived, their encounter would be short but sweet. He would get an eyeful, but couldn't linger this time, and his workers were just starting their day. When Leila arrived, Nick was in his office, and she walked up to him and immediately touched his arm as she said hello. He turned and looked awestruck, scanning her up and down to take in the view. On the previous visit, he had teased her about wearing a sweater, even though our temperatures had already risen into the 90s. Now he had the full view of her voluptuous body, and she said it left him stammering.

He had little time to react, as Leila followed the greeting with a warm hug. As she showed me later, her lips "sort of brushed" his neck as she wrapped her arms around him. They separated, and both let out nervous giggles, she said. I could imagine the sexual tension in that scene! He was dumbfounded, but no doubt aroused!

They quickly got down to the business of reviewing the stain finish, before he had to leave for his appointment. He once again called her "hun", and touched her arm more than once, expressing his affection in a way that I imagine feels safe to him.

Later that evening, Leila and I talked about her latest encounter, and how it made her feel. This is exactly what I love about our Hot Wife play, sharing in her sexual empowerment and having that energy flow back to us in our relationship. We talked more about the possibilities, and fantasies. Could this go any further? She would at least like to see if we could spend time together as friends. Maybe it could build from there. But, would a single guy even go for that, and not think it odd, and could he feel comfortable with that situation?

Leila asked me to stand up so she could re-enact the hug. Her lips on my neck - even for a second - were incredibly arousing. Unlike Nick, I grabbed her ass through the yoga pants, and pressed by hardening cock into her. "Let's go to bed", I said.

What followed was some of the most passionate lovemaking we have had in a while. Would Nick remain just a catalyst for our fantasies?

We wonder if any other couples have experienced a similar situation, and been able to elevate a connection from business acquaintance to something more intimate.This is a case where I think many men, not familiar with the mutual consent of a Hot Wife relationship, are more accustomed to thoughts of an affair. We know he is too principled for that, and it's not what we would do in any case.

We also don't want to risk offending him, or making him feel uncomfortable with us, or think less of Leila. We imagine that just coming out to him would be too shocking.

We both like Nick, which makes him an ideal candidate for an MFM. If that can't happen, we definitely want to keep a friendly relationship. On a professional level, we anticipate doing more business with him too.

We'd love to hear from other couples that have experienced such a situation. What did you do, and how did it turn out?  Use the contact form in the upper right-hand corner of our blog to email us, join us on Kasidie, or message us on Twitter at 2HotLovers.

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