Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An erotic virtual threesome

Leila had been working a lot of long hours for months, so a trip to Hawaii for some well-deserved R&R would be just the thing for her. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with her this time, since I was too tied up with work myself to get away. Leila recruited a girlfriend to join her, but she could only make it for the latter half of the trip. For the first five days, Leila would be a HotWife in Hawaii... all by herself.

This meant, of course, that I had to pick out some of my favorite sexy and revealing outfits for Leila to wear while she was on her Hawaiian vacation. If I couldn't go with her, I wanted to at least get reports of how she drove all the island boys crazy, and see what opportunities for flirtatious HotWife play might arise.  I also knew that the relaxation effect of being away from the pressures of work, on a beautiful tropical island, would result in Leila's erotic sensuality being even more radiant than usual. Our vacation sex is always extra hot!

I updated our location to Hawaii in our online profile, before she left, so that Single Males (SMs) could text or email  us to express their interest in meeting Leila. There was no shortage of responses. I had some online conversations with a few of the guys, those who looked like they could be respectful gentleman, and continued to screen them while Leila packed, and later while she was en route. After her first day dedicated to recovery from travel and jet lag, Leila and I went over the log of messages that had come in from SMs. She commented on who she liked, or didn't like, but nothing was planned for a meetup just yet.

On her first night out, Leila chose a new, lightweight, dark blue Tommy Bahamas blouse and white pants, and sent me a picture of herself from dinner. When she tried on that top at the store, with its soft, light material hugging her plump, braless breasts... I instantly got a hardon just looking at her. The shape of her erect nipples were clearly visible poking through the thin cloth, almost as if it was indigo paint. It was a good thing there weren't many people in the store!

After dinner, Leila called me, to get my suggestions on a bar she could go to for a few drinks. She was ready to make the scene, and show off her sexy outfit to any cute guys that might happen to be around. "Maybe I'll go to that hotel bar, and check out the bartender who wrote to us," she said. I told her that was an excellent idea. Nick and I had been texting for a couple days, and it was apparent that he was, in his words, "a very nice respectful man". He also had some very hot pictures of himself having sex with another man's wife, which were taken by the husband while he watched. That was also a good sign, that other couples had trusted him. When I told Nick that  Leila would be out that evening, he invited her to come by the bar where he worked, for a cocktail on him. This was perfect, because Leila would be in a nice environment where she and Nick could meet and flirt, safe in the knowledge that he was in his workplace, where he was unlikely to get out of line.

This set off what turned out to be a very unique and stimulating triangle!  I was talking with Leila as she drove to the hotel, at the same time as I was texting with Nick, who anxiously looked forward to her arrival. It was a virtual three-way encounter! Leila had trouble finding a parking spot, and then she went to a different bar, which was downstairs from Nick's. He had said it was a slow night, which would give him plenty of one-on-one time with Leila.
Me: she called me from parking lot.. said it was pretty crowded
Nick: Tell her up stairs! Above the pool
Me: Hope she found a spot, told her you are above the pool.
Nick: Thank you! I dont want to miss her.
Me: Leila says she is at bar.. with Randy?
Nick: Wrong bar! Come upstairs! Quick!
Nick: She is Gorgeous!
Leila and I talked over the phone when she arrived, but at Randy's bar. She said that Randy tried to be a real pickup artist, but she was turned off by his mustache, and his inauthentic approach. Nick could look down and see Leila, before she had the opportunity to meet him, and it was very exciting for me to share that moment of another man laying eyes on her for the first time. He was struck by her beauty, and noted a resemblance to Sofia Vergara that she denies, but I can see it and have told her so as well! It was was stimulating to me to share in the New Connection Energy.
Nick: Went down!
Me: just heard from Leila..
Nick: May I kiss her!?
Me: tried to call you .. you must have been downstairs
Me: so cool. She said Nick came down.. and said "Hi I'm Nick.. are you Leila?"
Nick: I'm dying! She's not coming!!
Nick, like every man, was immediately drawn to Leila's luscious, full red lips. Angelina Jolie would even be jealous! It was exquisite torture for him to see her, and going downstairs he even got to gently touch her back, but he had to return to his bar while she stayed downstairs finishing her drink. Leila told me that Nick was charming, and even though she wasn't attracted to Randy, she was enjoying the effect she was having.

That was all I heard for about a half hour. There is a three hour time difference to Hawaii, and I needed to get to bed. When my phone rang, it was Leila calling to tell me she didn't want to leave without going up to see Nick.  I thought she had not had time to look at his erotic profile pictures, but she said she had. She liked what she saw, and in person, she found him to be a complete gentleman. Her cell phone battery was dying, so we didn't get to talk for long. I went back to trying to text Nick, but he was.. umm.. pre-occupied. I went to sleep, and could only imagine the sexually charged energy that must have been flowing across that bar.

After dozing off for another half hour or so, I was awakened by the buzz of a text message on my phone. It was now about 2 AM my time, 11 PM in Hawaii. Nick told me his bar closed at 10 PM, so I immediately wondered if he and Leila had spent some time together after closing. Before I could read his message, Leila called to say she was on her way back to the hotel, and just briefly, that she would have loved to play more... if I was there! That was worth waking up for!
Nick: She is Beautiful Mike! It was nice to meet her! You deserve her. She Loves you!
Me: She still there?
Nick: She is driving back to her place.
Nick: She was fine when she left.
Me: Sounds like you got to chat
Nick: We did which was nice. I still wanted to take all her clothes off though! Be fun with you there!
Me: You said bar closed at 10. I was wondering, now that it's after...
Nick: Cleanup! Damn the clean up! Lol
Nick: I would LOVE to eat her pussy Mike!
Nick: We just talked. Wish you were here!
Nick and I decided to continue our chat over the phone, while Leila made the 30 minute drive back to her hotel. He told me they had talked about how we enjoy MFM and Leila being a HotWife, as well as our play with couples. But, especially since she was just meeting him for the first time, Leila made it clear she would only play if I was there.  Nick couldn't have been a more perfect SM for MFM, and his comments to me about how Leila loved me showed that he was really aware of the importance of respecting our relationship. Nick is a great example of a guy who gets what an MFM situation is all about.

He demonstrated several of our tips:
 #2 Any woman worth having is worth waiting for
 #7 Sexual attraction starts with chemistry, not physics
 #9 Always focus on the couple and include both in the conversations
#10 Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer

When Leila returned to her hotel, we had a very hot phone sex session, with her fantasizing what it would be like to have sex with Nick and me. Nick even called me the next day to chat some more, and check on Leila. I think he is a model for other SMs to follow.

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