Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Wives - It's All About Her Sexual Freedom of Expression

Let's follow up on my last post:
TIP #1:  It's Not About You!

The corollary to this is, It's All About Her! To which I would add (since we are talking about a hot wife and not a single woman).. and her husband! Respect that, and you've got a chance to establish a connection. Now, some of you single males may identify as "bulls", and some of you couples may be looking for cuckoldry, but regardless.. it's up to the couple to define their boundaries for Hot Wife play.

Why is a Hot Wife different than a conventional wife? 
ANSWER: Because she is not constrained by conventional mores regarding what forms of sexual expression she (and her husband) may choose to participate in. 

Think about it. I've lived in both puritanical New England and ultra-liberal parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The conventional standards for a wife's sexual conduct are not really different in either region. Your married.. you don't flirt, you don't dress provocatively, and you CERTAINLY don't play sexually with other men!

Hot Wives break that mold. But, what is critical to understand, is that how they break it is up to the wife - in the context of her marriage - to choose. 

For some couples, the husband and wife might go no further than posting erotic photos online. The husband gets the pleasure of experiencing his Hot Wife for how she is desired by other men. The wife gets to know she is still hot, and men want her. She still hasn't had sex with anyone but her husband.. but she damn sure is still a  Hot Wife! In this example, isn't there still sexual pleasure to be had by all?

Too often, the single male looking to hookup with a Hot Wife wants to jump right to having sex. Hmmm.. how often does that work for you with single women?

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