Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An erotic virtual threesome

Leila had been working a lot of long hours for months, so a trip to Hawaii for some well-deserved R&R would be just the thing for her. Unfortunately, I couldn't go with her this time, since I was too tied up with work myself to get away. Leila recruited a girlfriend to join her, but she could only make it for the latter half of the trip. For the first five days, Leila would be a HotWife in Hawaii... all by herself.

This meant, of course, that I had to pick out some of my favorite sexy and revealing outfits for Leila to wear while she was on her Hawaiian vacation. If I couldn't go with her, I wanted to at least get reports of how she drove all the island boys crazy, and see what opportunities for flirtatious HotWife play might arise.  I also knew that the relaxation effect of being away from the pressures of work, on a beautiful tropical island, would result in Leila's erotic sensuality being even more radiant than usual. Our vacation sex is always extra hot!

I updated our location to Hawaii in our online profile, before she left, so that Single Males (SMs) could text or email  us to express their interest in meeting Leila. There was no shortage of responses. I had some online conversations with a few of the guys, those who looked like they could be respectful gentleman, and continued to screen them while Leila packed, and later while she was en route. After her first day dedicated to recovery from travel and jet lag, Leila and I went over the log of messages that had come in from SMs. She commented on who she liked, or didn't like, but nothing was planned for a meetup just yet.

On her first night out, Leila chose a new, lightweight, dark blue Tommy Bahamas blouse and white pants, and sent me a picture of herself from dinner. When she tried on that top at the store, with its soft, light material hugging her plump, braless breasts... I instantly got a hardon just looking at her. The shape of her erect nipples were clearly visible poking through the thin cloth, almost as if it was indigo paint. It was a good thing there weren't many people in the store!

After dinner, Leila called me, to get my suggestions on a bar she could go to for a few drinks. She was ready to make the scene, and show off her sexy outfit to any cute guys that might happen to be around. "Maybe I'll go to that hotel bar, and check out the bartender who wrote to us," she said. I told her that was an excellent idea. Nick and I had been texting for a couple days, and it was apparent that he was, in his words, "a very nice respectful man". He also had some very hot pictures of himself having sex with another man's wife, which were taken by the husband while he watched. That was also a good sign, that other couples had trusted him. When I told Nick that  Leila would be out that evening, he invited her to come by the bar where he worked, for a cocktail on him. This was perfect, because Leila would be in a nice environment where she and Nick could meet and flirt, safe in the knowledge that he was in his workplace, where he was unlikely to get out of line.

This set off what turned out to be a very unique and stimulating triangle!  I was talking with Leila as she drove to the hotel, at the same time as I was texting with Nick, who anxiously looked forward to her arrival. It was a virtual three-way encounter! Leila had trouble finding a parking spot, and then she went to a different bar, which was downstairs from Nick's. He had said it was a slow night, which would give him plenty of one-on-one time with Leila.
Me: she called me from parking lot.. said it was pretty crowded
Nick: Tell her up stairs! Above the pool
Me: Hope she found a spot, told her you are above the pool.
Nick: Thank you! I dont want to miss her.
Me: Leila says she is at bar.. with Randy?
Nick: Wrong bar! Come upstairs! Quick!
Nick: She is Gorgeous!
Leila and I talked over the phone when she arrived, but at Randy's bar. She said that Randy tried to be a real pickup artist, but she was turned off by his mustache, and his inauthentic approach. Nick could look down and see Leila, before she had the opportunity to meet him, and it was very exciting for me to share that moment of another man laying eyes on her for the first time. He was struck by her beauty, and noted a resemblance to Sofia Vergara that she denies, but I can see it and have told her so as well! It was was stimulating to me to share in the New Connection Energy.
Nick: Went down!
Me: just heard from Leila..
Nick: May I kiss her!?
Me: tried to call you .. you must have been downstairs
Me: so cool. She said Nick came down.. and said "Hi I'm Nick.. are you Leila?"
Nick: I'm dying! She's not coming!!
Nick, like every man, was immediately drawn to Leila's luscious, full red lips. Angelina Jolie would even be jealous! It was exquisite torture for him to see her, and going downstairs he even got to gently touch her back, but he had to return to his bar while she stayed downstairs finishing her drink. Leila told me that Nick was charming, and even though she wasn't attracted to Randy, she was enjoying the effect she was having.

That was all I heard for about a half hour. There is a three hour time difference to Hawaii, and I needed to get to bed. When my phone rang, it was Leila calling to tell me she didn't want to leave without going up to see Nick.  I thought she had not had time to look at his erotic profile pictures, but she said she had. She liked what she saw, and in person, she found him to be a complete gentleman. Her cell phone battery was dying, so we didn't get to talk for long. I went back to trying to text Nick, but he was.. umm.. pre-occupied. I went to sleep, and could only imagine the sexually charged energy that must have been flowing across that bar.

After dozing off for another half hour or so, I was awakened by the buzz of a text message on my phone. It was now about 2 AM my time, 11 PM in Hawaii. Nick told me his bar closed at 10 PM, so I immediately wondered if he and Leila had spent some time together after closing. Before I could read his message, Leila called to say she was on her way back to the hotel, and just briefly, that she would have loved to play more... if I was there! That was worth waking up for!
Nick: She is Beautiful Mike! It was nice to meet her! You deserve her. She Loves you!
Me: She still there?
Nick: She is driving back to her place.
Nick: She was fine when she left.
Me: Sounds like you got to chat
Nick: We did which was nice. I still wanted to take all her clothes off though! Be fun with you there!
Me: You said bar closed at 10. I was wondering, now that it's after...
Nick: Cleanup! Damn the clean up! Lol
Nick: I would LOVE to eat her pussy Mike!
Nick: We just talked. Wish you were here!
Nick and I decided to continue our chat over the phone, while Leila made the 30 minute drive back to her hotel. He told me they had talked about how we enjoy MFM and Leila being a HotWife, as well as our play with couples. But, especially since she was just meeting him for the first time, Leila made it clear she would only play if I was there.  Nick couldn't have been a more perfect SM for MFM, and his comments to me about how Leila loved me showed that he was really aware of the importance of respecting our relationship. Nick is a great example of a guy who gets what an MFM situation is all about.

He demonstrated several of our tips:
 #2 Any woman worth having is worth waiting for
 #7 Sexual attraction starts with chemistry, not physics
 #9 Always focus on the couple and include both in the conversations
#10 Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer

When Leila returned to her hotel, we had a very hot phone sex session, with her fantasizing what it would be like to have sex with Nick and me. Nick even called me the next day to chat some more, and check on Leila. I think he is a model for other SMs to follow.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Leila and Paul... our discussion of her 1st HotWife Date

Our discussion immediately after Leila's 1st Hot Wife Date...

Leila had been nervous earlier in the evening, while waiting for Paul to arrive, even saying at one point  "I don't like this game". That all changed quickly once she saw him.  She told me they spent the next hour chatting, as she sipped her vodka tonic and Paul... apparently wanting to keep his wits about him... just sipped Leila's water. Paul kept telling Leila how good it was to see her.  I can only imagine how intense the buildup of his arousal had to be, nearly 10 months after they had met! Those months were filled with a lot of very hot sexting, along with us emailing him a few of our most erotic pictures of Leila, further fueling his desire.

Now Paul, having expressed his most lustful thought many times in text messages, could let Leila know how much he wanted her in person. Prior to the date, we all agreed that only flirting would be OK this evening, but I knew full well that he would probably get an irresistible urge for more. He couldn't take his eyes off of Leila for that hour, her full luscious lips just begged to be kissed, and the sight of her swelling bosom instantly had him erect. 

Toward the end of their rendezvous  Leila and I exchanged these text messages:
Me: .. tell me if he is hard
Leila: Yes he is
After that midnight text from Leila, there was silence for what seemed like a very long time. In reality, it turned out to be only ten minutes later that she called me!

Little did I know nor would I have imagined at the time, but it turned out that Leila knew he was hard, because during those ten minutes she was squeezing his cock through his jeans... at the very same time that I had texted her! She stopped briefly to show Paul my message. He just said, "tell him yes!"

My very Hot Wife Leila's last text to me came as she was on her way back up to her room, escorted by Paul. The first time they had met in a random encounter, Leila let him walk her back to her hotel, since it was late in the evening and she was alone downtown. Tonight, he asked if he could walk her to her room, promising he would not try to come in. I doubt, though, that he had in mind just a handshake goodbye and "it was nice to see you".

Leila had obviously gotten over her initial jitters, and she did not want this night to end with just flirting in the bar any more than Paul did.
"You know you can't come in", Leila told Paul, at the door to her hotel room.
He retained his honor, and said that he understood.
I answered Leila's call on my cell phone just as Paul texted about "going down" in the elevator, on his way back to his hotel.
"Hi baby", I said to Leila, in my most seductive voice.
Leila's voice on the other end nearly melted my phone.. "Hi sweetheart", she cooed, the sound of her voice oozing like liquid Viagra! She was turned on!
"Where are you baby?"
... "I'm in my room," Leila replied.
"Alone?" I had to ask. 
From her last text message, it looked very possible that she was calling to let me know she wanted to go further with Paul than we had agreed to.
... "Of course I'm alone", she said.
At that point, I just was happy that she had relaxed. From the sound of her voice, she had very much enjoyed the evening's flirtation. But there was much more than that.
"How did it go?"
... "Well, he told me how good it was to see me."
"Oh baby, I saw your picture, he must have been ready to burst!"
... "Yeah. I could tell he was very turned on. We talked for a while, and I finally told him I had to go, then he asked me if he could walk me to my room."
"I'll bet he did," I said, never thinking that Leila would actually let him.
... "Yeah, so we got up to my room, and  I told him I had to go in."
"You let him walk you to your room?"
I was shocked, but not upset. I could feel my heart beating faster in anticipation of hearing what happened next. Leila never likes to stay on the ground floor, so that meant a ride up in the elevator together too.
"Did he try to kiss you?"
... "He did."
"He did kiss you?"
... "Yeah"
Sometimes, Leila can be very coy, in an irresistibly sexy way. She wasn't volunteering much information yet, but I am sure she was still absorbing it all herself. I was again very surprised, but also very happy that my Leila was venturing to enjoy more of being a Hot Wife.
"How was it?"
... "He was very tentative at first, and I kept thinking that it wasn't you".
That comforted me tremendously, to know that she was thinking of me in the midst of this intense passion.
"WOW! Did he try to press his body against you? Could you tell he was hard?"
... "Yes, I could feel his cock. He was very hard!"
"This was in the doorway to your room? Wow, that is so hot!"
..."My room is around a corner, so nobody else could see."
"Wow baby! What happened then?"
... "I told him I had to go in, but he kissed me more. He started to relax, and he pulled my hair."
"And you liked it?"
... "Mmm. Yeah," Leila said, somewhat sheepishly.
"Full kissing with tongues?"
... "Oh yeah," Leila said, as if it was so silly of me to even ask. She had obviously gotten into it. I loved it!
"Then what?"
... "Mmmmm.. he started kissing my neck, and he felt my breasts. He kissed my chest"
"Did you enjoy that?"
... "Uh huh"
"Did you want to feel his cock?"
... "I did feel him! He was so hard! He was throbbing. When I kissed him, I could feel him get even harder, and his cock would throb and grow even more as we kissed."
That is exactly what happens to me when I kiss Leila. I call it Viagra kisses. She has full, luscious lips that would make even Angelia Jolie jealous. Every man that sees her is immediately mesmerized by her smile. No matter my state of arousal before, when she kisses me like that, my cock instantly gets hard. I also love to hold Leila tight when we kiss, so that she knows she still does that to me, now more than 10 years after we met.
"So he had a nice cock?"
..."Oh yes, he got so big!"
"Did you get wet?"
... "Yes, I am so wet now!"
"Tell me how you touched his cock." 
... "Mmmmm. I squeezed it. He was sooo hard! His cock was throbbing!"
Hell yes it was. I can imagine how much he wanted her. How exciting! This had to be Paul's lifelong fantasy and then some.  And I know how much Leila loves that. She loves to see cocks twitch and throb for her, knowing that she is the reason that a man has become so aroused.
"How did you end it baby?"
..."I told him I had to go in. He said I know you do."
I have to give credit to Paul for his restraint. I can totally see myself in his position, if I was a single man meeting Leila, wanting her so badly but struggling to not push things too far. Leila told me that he didn't try to feel her pussy, even after getting well past the flirting we had agreed to, to kissing, having her squeeze his cock, and feeling her tits. I am pretty sure I would have. So, I can respect that, even if - together - it went a bit further than we had agreed. Leila wanted it too, and I am totally turned on by that.

And there was Paul texting Leila, at the very same moment she was calling me.
Paul: The elevator voice says "going down" LOL
Oh, wasn't he wishing she had, or that he could have?
She replied, teasing him some more ...
Leila: U know u luv it :) 
That, I am sure he did! It was well past midnight now, and I had already slid my shorts off and was stroking my hard cock while Leila and I talked. She told me she was also laying in bed, and fingering her wet pussy.
"I want you to pretend that Paul is there, fingering your pussy."
That seemed to excite Leila even more.
... "Oooooh, ooh,"she moaned.
We talked about what Paul wanted to do her, and I could not hold back from cumming in just a few minutes. This was all just too intense. Phew! Leila giggled her sexy giggle when I told her that I think she is now, officially, a Hot Wife!

I have no doubt that Paul must have been back in his room stroking his cock, just as I was. His explosion had to be even more intense!  

Only the next day did Leila tell me more details, that she was the aggressor for the second kiss! Paul was timid in pushing past our stated boundaries, and she wasn't satisfied with his furtive kiss. Not after all those months of teasing and seduction! Leila pushed HIM up against the wall to show him what a hot, passionate kiss was like. Then.. she grabbed his hard, throbbing cock...

They both wanted more, and I had said I would be OK with kissing, but it is very important to always respect the agreed upon limits. 

Tip # 11: Respect her and her husband's limits, and you will likely be invited back for more HotWife4MFM play.

Leila has since exchanged some even hotter texts with Paul, and we have invited him to come to visit for more fun. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leila's 1st Hot Wife date

The sexual tension began building to a fever pitch, after Paul learned that he and Leila would finally be back in the same city where they had met nine months earlier. The Prelude to a HotWife Date led to months of Sexting with my HotWife, and Paul was growing anxious... and even hornier for Leila.

Ten days before they were to head out of town on their business trips, he texted her. As we mentioned in our last post, Leila and I have not played separately, but we agreed it would be OK for her to meet him for cocktails and flirtation. Everybody had to be clear there would be nothing more than that, until I could join Leila to meet Paul myself. We even texted him together, and occasionally reminded Paul of my involvement, so he would know that Leila is not a cheating wife.. but a HotWife for sure!
Paul: Hey sexy! What are you doing tonight?
Leila: I’m about to take a shower, then hot tub - relax :)
Leila: what are you doing?
Paul: MMmmm I'm thinkin about your sexy body
Paul: Are you still comin to XXXXXX on the 30th?
Leila: yes, i'll be there!
Leila: but i have dinner plans Monday to visit with a girlfriend
Paul: Do I get the pleasure of seeing you?
Leila: hubby says the hotel lobby bar is open until midnight
Paul: Hmmmmm see you after dinner?
Leila: sounds good - if it's not too late...
Leila: ok great. dinner may run a little long, but would love to meet for a drink
Paul: Can't wait to see you Leila! :)
Leila: :) ok cool. I'm going to take a shower later k
Paul: Mmmm wish I was in that shower with you ;). Ok Sexy. Talk later
Leila: I'm sure you do ;-) think about that!
Paul: I will be... Hard now thinking about you in shower ;)
Then, the weekend before her trip, Paul sent more text messages. Apparently, he needed to know he hadn't gotten his hopes up for nothing. It's extremely rare to be able to revisit such a random, fleeting encounter with a stranger, one that you can usually only dream about. And dream of it, he did.

Leila was looking forward to seeing Paul again as well. She enjoyed sensing the hypnotic spell of desire that she had him under. I can barely imagine how aroused he must have been in anticipation.
Paul: Hi Leila! Are you still coming Monday? :)
Leila: heck yeah! Why, getting anxious? :-)
Paul: :) I'm just a little excited to see you again
Leila: you just want an excuse to have a bite of that coconut cream pie
Paul: Mmmmmm you know I want a taste ;)
Leila: I do ;-P
Paul: I have some creme for you :)
Leila: you are naughty
Paul: You are so very hot
Paul: Remember me walking you back to your hotel last time?
Paul: I wanted to kiss you so much
Leila: did keep staring at my lips!
Paul: I did... You have extremely delicious looking lips
Leila: and is that what excited you?
Paul: All of you excited me. And you know that
Paul: I saw your gorgeous hair
Leila: My hair? That is interesting. Hubby tells me that too. :-)
Paul: Then after we started chatting I was in awe
Leila: So my hair did it? have to tip my hairdresser more :-)
Paul: Mmmmmm yes!
Paul: And you have a great ass
Leila: My ass? How did you know that? Hubby tells me all the time.
Paul: I watched you walk to the restroom
Leila: :-D you did?
Paul: Oh yeah... Loved the view!
Leila: Naughty boy!
Paul: Mmmmmm wanted to do you right there!
Paul: Sharing the creme pie was very sensual
Leila: *coy smile* hmmm
Leila and I talked a lot about the ground rules, communicating the limits to each other, and to Paul as well. Knowing how enamored Paul was of her sensual lips, as is every man who meets her, I told Leila that it would be alright if she wanted to give him a kiss when they met. They would be meeting in public, so I was sure the kiss could not get too passionate. Leila rejected that suggestion immediately. "Not without you there", she said. She was concerned about it leading to a situation that would make her uncomfortable. It seemed that she left that door open though, in a somewhat ambiguous way.
Leila: so do you think you'll be able to behave yourself when we meet again?
Paul: No
Paul: Yes
Paul: No
Leila: you seem a bit torn
Leila: Remember.. Mike is cool with me flirting with you - but nothing more
Paul: Got it... Figured as much.
Paul: I still enjoy your company ;)
Leila: and if you staring at my lips starts to make you crazy...well...
Paul: Love those beautiful lips
Paul had left Leila after that first meeting with absolutely no idea what a Hot Wife she was. He would only discover that later, and it would remain a fantasy until tonight. At that first meeting, he had struggled to keep his gentleman's demeanor. He did his mightiest not to be obvious about how badly he wanted to kiss her, let alone how badly he wanted to fuck her!

Ten months of seduction. Finally, he would get to see her again.  Now, any texting that we do within the lifestyle is through our Google Voice number, that way we both have access to the messages through our PC, gmail, and smartphone apps. That keeps all of our communications with others out in the open.  It also meant I could be an observer to some degree, reading their text messages as they prepared for their "date".  I knew that Paul actually had been at the restaurant where Leila ate dinner with her girlfriend... as he correctly guessed (and hoped) she would choose the very same place where they had met. This only added to the anticipation and sexual tension. Even if she hadn't been there, Paul wanted to start the evening by recalling the excitement he felt meeting her.

While he once again ate at the bar, this time with a business companion, he could gaze discreetly at Leila. She saw him, but focused on the conversation with her girlfriend. After dinner, she returned to her hotel, and called me to share how her night had gone so far.  She changed into a more seductive top, one that we had chosen together specifically for this night. It snugly hugged her bosom and exposed a very healthy amount of lovely cleavage. Leila emailed me a picture of herself from her cell phone, just minutes before he arrived, and I immediately got hard!  As soon as she got off the phone with me, Leila texted Paul:
Leila: I think someone is waiting for you at the bar :-)
Paul: Hi! I will be right over to the hotel bar :)
Leila: I am not there yet, will come down soon
Paul: Are you in your room now?
Leila: Yes.. getting freshened up :-)
Paul: Mmmmm nice Leila
Leila went down to the bar, but she was getting nervous. This was the first date she had with another man, alone, in more than ten years. Her anxiety grew, as it would be nearly a half-hour before Paul arrived. She texted me while she waited.
Leila: Hi hun
Leila: Xoxo
Leila: :) I'm here now
Leila: I sat at the bar. Bartender said seats were taken!
Leila: So sitting in lounge area
Me: lounge area may be better for chatting with him
Me: can you take a pic of yourself with your phone to send me?
Leila: I don't like this game
Me: aww.. Have you ordered a cocktail?
Leila: Yep
Me: I love you sweetheart! XOXO 
At that very same time, Paul texted Leila  from the lobby, as she and I were exchanging messages too:
Paul: Ok so where are you?
Leila: meet me in the bar
Me: are you with him now?
Leila: Yes Paul is here now :)
Me: :-) tell him I said hi ;-)
Leila: He says hi too. He says its good to see me
Me: Enjoy baby.. I LOVE YOU! Show him what a Hot Wife you are XOXOXO
It was nearly 11pm, and all I could do was imagine Paul's excitement meeting Leila again. I pictured the bar, and knowing what she was wearing I was feeling jealous, excited and nervous all at the same time.  I had shared Leila with other men when we were together, though this was supposed to just be for drinks. Still, it was a first for us. And.. the sexual tension over the last ten months had become quite explicit.

I wanted to give Leila time to get re-acquainted with Paul, but I also wanted to give her a way to let him know I was there.. at least virtually. After about a half-hour of my mind racing, I texted her, so she could at least hear the "ding" on her phone and know I was checking in to see that she was OK. It also would give her an excuse if she needed one, in case she felt the need to break off the rendezvous.
Me: I am oozing precum thinking about you
Me: and I bet he is hard too :-)
Me: WOW!! Just saw your pic
Me: I am sooo hard for you. You must be getting him so aroused!
It was more than another half-hour later, when Leila returned my text, coincidentally at the stroke of midnight. I had no way of knowing how things were going, but I was very anxious to find out. At first, I assumed that Paul must have left, otherwise she would not have texted me back. She immediately let me know they were still together, but I had no idea if they were still in the bar, or someplace less public. It was obvious that she had quickly gotten over her anxiety. I had her picture right there on my screen, with her gorgeous lips and cleavage drawing me into the display, so I knew how aroused Paul must have been to be with her - in the flesh  - at that exact moment.
Leila: Love u
Leila: He says he's glad I'm here
Me: I LOVE YOU! Mmm... Look at his crotch.. tell me if he is hard
Leila: Yes he is
Me: Mmmmm.. are you looking at it?
Me: Are you letting him know you see his hardon?
Me: has he touched you?
Me: do you want to touch his cock?
What seemed like a tortuously long silence followed Leila's last text, with her telling me that Paul had a raging hardon. I was dying to know what was happening. Finally, a message from Paul popped up in our text message account, at the exact second that my phone rang.
Paul: The elevator voice says " going down" :)
To be continued...
(I know we are being terrible teases.. but this time the next post is coming up right away. We promise! This one is just so long already! ;-)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sexting with my HotWife

...continuing from Prelude to a HotWife Date

Paul is a not-so-long-ago divorced 40-something guy from the Midwest, who spends half of his days traveling  far from home for his Sales Director job.  While he no doubt would prefer the companionship of an attractive woman, most nights on the road end up with him at a bar surrounded by a bunch of guys just like himself.

So, finding himself sitting next to Leila on that night back in October was like being struck by lightning. What were the odds? Paul was immediately charmed by her charismatic personality, and the close-up view of her physical attributes left him awestruck.  He saw the ring on her finger, knew that she was married and respected that, so couldn't have asked for more than an enjoyable evening just chatting with her.  Sitting close enough to inhale her perfume, and touch her occasionally in a casual yet undeniably flirtatious way, was a bonus. Seeing that she did not resist, Paul turned his bar stool to straddle Leila's, and he stroked her back sensually as they talked. He was getting very aroused! Leila had been somewhat shy, and did not want to admit that she found his blue eyes to be very sexy! She was not leading him on at all, but Paul couldn't help but fantasize about more.
As we said in Tip #10: Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer.
Paul was not at all familiar with the concept of HotWives, but he was about to find out that the fantasies he had of Leila weren't even half as hot as the reality. It was nearly two weeks after they had met, so he was very surprised and thrilled to suddenly receive a text message from her. Now separated by nearly two thousand miles, he could be more candid about his true desires. In return, Leila could reveal more of her sexual nature.

The texting quickly turned to 'sexting'.  Paul confessed that he was very aroused by Leila, and suspected (or hoped) that maybe she liked to get "naughty" sometimes.
Leila: Actually... my hubby & I both like to get naughty. When I told him about our encounter he fucked me pretending he was you. Hope that doesn't shock you
Paul: No sounds very hot! I wish I was the one fucking you
Paul: I am rock hard for you now
Leila: I would love you to cum for me right now
Paul: Mmmm babe... Would love for you to be riding me right now
Leila: Mmm... that gets me hot!
Paul: Wow... Take me in your sweet mouth
Leila: Have you stroked your cock thinking of me before? Did you that night?
Paul: Mmmm yes I sure did... You had me so turned on
Paul: You should send me a pic of you ;)
Leila: I knew you were lusting, but I had no idea I turned you on so much. :-)
Leila: What kind of picture would you like of me?
Paul: Mmmmmm. What would you like to show Leila? Something hot?
Leila: Yeah I'll have to send u a good one
We emailed Paul one of my favorite pictures of Leila, in a sheer black top that shows off her spectacular breasts, with the photo cropped to show the mesmerizing smile that he remembered, but not her whole face. (You can see that picture in our profile on Kasidie).

Leila does not travel to the city where they met very often, and Paul apparently does not come to our area on business. So this HotWife play - for now at least - was limited to sexting, which got progressively hotter and more explicit. Paul opened up and admitted how much he had wanted to fuck Leila the night that they met.

Through all the many sessions of sexting, we always made it clear that Leila is a Hot Wife, and not a cheating wife. Paul said that he understood.

Before his next trip to the city where they met, Paul was filled with thoughts of Leila.
Paul: I fly to xxxxxx on Wednesday. Wish you were cumming too ;)
Leila: It would be fun to see u again. I don't get up there much...and..
Leila: Hubby doesn't mind sharing but only when we're together
Paul: I would love to see u
Paul: Hear you ;)
Leila: What are you thinking about right now? :-)
Paul: Ok I have to admit you caught me again, thinking about how much I wanted to fuck you the night we met
Paul: :)))))
Leila: Wow. Tell me how you really feel.
Leila: I'm wondering how you restrained yourself when we met.
Paul: I have some restraint
Paul: You are a very classy yet very HOT lady, so I couldn't just come off like I just assumed you would fuck me
Paul: I am wondering one thing... what made you text me after two weeks?
Leila: I would never cheat on hubby, but we have played with another guy. We don't hide anything. We share.
Paul: Do you want to play with me?
Leila: Yes I think it would be fun to play with you.
Leila: I told hubby about you when I got back. I was in a playful mood Sat night and found your card. Wanted to see if you were interested.
Paul:Your husband is a lucky man. I love how playful u r.
The communications after that were sporadic, sometimes a couple months would go by until Paul was back where he and Leila had met, which would prompt him to text how he was fantasizing about her. Leila and I would occasionally role play during sex, and fantasize that we were having an MFM with him. He would write in graphic detail what he imagined doing to Leila, and how he made himself cum thinking of her.

Sometimes, he was very much a virtual 3rd in our lovemaking.
Leila: i went to Victoria's secret after work and bought a black negligee - very soft, silky and sexy can't wait to slip into it
Paul: Mmmmmm god I would love to see you in that... Then slide it off of you
Leila: mmm, that would be hot
Paul: You will look sensational in that new piece! Can imagine you riding on top wearing it
Leila: i'm turned on - i think i might have to satisfy my craving
Paul: I am too. U make me so hard... How will you satisfy?
Leila: i'm going to ride mike, either that or he can bend me about you?
Leila: i'm really wet...
Leila: i think i need to go take care of this...
The next night:
Paul: Sorry I missed ur texts... Had to take care of business :)
Leila: so you were horny last night as well
Paul: OMG yes hard as rock for u
Leila: Would you like to see me in the negligee I wore last night?
Paul: OMG yes please!
Leila: Pic is cumming :-)
Paul: I love this pic! You are so fucking hot Leila!
Paul: You make me so horny
Leila: Are you hard & throbbing for me?
Paul: Mmmmm yes baby! Very hard for you....wish you would take me in your mouth!
Leila: Mmmmmm
Leila: Did you have any idea when you met me?
Paul: LOL no... You seemed pretty quiet!
Leila: And here you are cumming looking at me
Paul: Mmmmmmmmmm
Paul: You make me so turned on
Leila: Sweet dreams :-)
Leila: We are off to bed
Paul: Are you leaving me tonite?
Paul: Are you going to fuck?
Paul: Still rockhard for you babe
This was all very arousing HotWife play. Finally, after more than nine months..
Recall our Tip #2: Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.
Leila: Where will you be on the 30th? :-)
Paul: Hi! I will be in xxxxxx on the 30th. Will you be there for some coconut cream pie? :)
Leila: indeed! :)
Paul: Yes... Want to lick it off of your sexy body ;)
Leila: Lick it!! mmmmm
Originally, I was to join Leila on her trip, so that I could meet Paul and potentially continue our virtual MFM in person.  Unfortunately, after she booked her flights and meetings, I also got called out of town for business of my own.  

Leila and I have only played with others together, whether couples, single males, or single females. But, after 10 months of virtual sex with Paul,  we agreed that it would be OK for her to at least meet him for a drink.  They would both enjoy the hot flirtation. After all, they were both going to be in the same city!

A HotWife Date was set...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prelude to a HotWife Date

It was nearly ten months ago, last October, when Leila first met Paul while on a business trip 1,000 miles from home. She usually does not go out to dinner alone on such trips, but on that particular evening none of her colleagues were available to join her. Rather than grab some fast food or eat alone in her room, Leila decided to check out a restaurant that she had heard good things about.

The restaurant was just a short walking distance from her downtown hotel, and it seemed like a nice place where she could just eat at the bar without being a "table of 1", while enjoying a cocktail at the same time. Unconsciously, she may have been encouraged by a fantasy I had shared with her, of having her take a seat at a bar alone to see how guys flirt and hit on her. This had actually happened in a totally unplanned (at least by me) way early in our relationship, when Leila surprised me by showing up dressed in a very sexy outfit at a restaurant bar, torturing me while knowing I was stuck having a business dinner just a few feet away. It drove me nuts watching the guys flock around her, and not being able to do a thing about it! However, in my fantasy re-enactment, I am sitting just a short distance away, watching and waiting until I find the right time to go up to the bar myself. That was not the case on her business trip.

That night in October, while Leila enjoyed her cocktail, she couldn't help but notice a man sitting at the end of the bar. She was not there to flirt, but whenever she happened to look in his direction, he made an obvious effort to smile at her. He was not particularly handsome, nor was he creepy, just a pretty average looking middle-aged businessman who happened to be at the bar that night.

After a while, when the bar chairs next to Leila cleared, Paul moved over to sit next to her. He smiled and said how good it was to get out of the corner, so that he could watch the game on the bar TV. Later, he admitted that of course, he came over to be near her. Paul was friendly and non-threatening in appearance, so Leila did not mind engaging in conversation with him while she finished her dinner. They had a nice chat, and eventually it became obvious to her that he had something other than Monday Night Football on his mind. Though she is normally quite an extrovert, Leila was feeling shy at his attention, and did not respond when Paul touched her arm or coyly put his hand on her back. He was obviously being flirtatious, but remained a gentleman. Leila was not intentionally putting out any HotWife vibes that night, but her smile alone is enough to drive men wild, regardless. No doubt, the way she filled out her T-shirt didn't hurt either!

I did not hear about Leila's initial encounter with Paul until after she returned home. We spoke over the phone that evening, but she may have thought I would be upset that this stranger had shown an interest in her, or that she had - uncharacteristically - gone out to a bar alone. Perhaps she was reticent to tell me that she did not protest his touches, and that she even let him walk her back to her hotel.

It was a few nights later, as we were lying in bed, that Leila began to share the story.
...How he came over to sit next to her, and she felt shy, and was not flirting at all.
...How he touched her several times during the conversation, and looked hypnotized while staring at her luscious lips when she talked.
...Then, how she let him walk her the few blocks down the street to her hotel, where they said their goodbyes and he teased and flirted more with her, asking her to wave to him across the street in his hotel.
"He so wanted to fuck me", Leila said, as she told me of the inadvertent meeting with Paul. "I could just tell, the way he was looking at me, he was smitten".
"When the bartender asked if I wanted dessert, Paul said I had to try the coconut cream pie. I think he just wanted to watch me lick the cream from my lips!"
Wow. I was blown away. Leila did not plan this encounter, nor did she initiate the contact, but it must have gotten pretty heated for her to not immediately share what had happened with me. Well, at least there was no doubt that Paul got very heated! I was a little hurt at her keeping this to herself, but also very turned on imagining myself as the lucky man - randomly meeting my HotWife at a bar. That would be very hot!

"How did you leave it at the hotel", I asked?
"Oh, I know he wanted to come up, but you know I would never do that! I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but we just said our goodbyes there and that was it."
Actually, Paul had given Leila his business card before they parted, and she had found it in her purse earlier in the evening. That prompted her to open up about this erotic encounter.

"I bet he wanted to fuck you, didn't he", I asked Leila.
"Yes", she replied, "I could tell that he wanted me. I could just see it in his eyes."

Well, that was enough to send me over the edge. "I want you to call me Paul while I fuck you", I told her. Leila immediately got into the role playing, and I fucked her in a fit of passion that left us both breathless.

There was no mention of Paul for a couple weeks after that night, but in a playful mood one weekend, I said "you should text him!"
Leila: Hi Paul. Remember me from the bar? I can still taste the coconut cream pie :-)
Paul: Good morning Beautiful! I certainly do remember u, its great to hear from u! Was thinking of you! How are you? Having good wknd?
Leila: Glad it's the weekend. Do share! What were you thinking? :-)
Paul: Me too! I was back last week and at same place we met.. Was thinking how great it would be to be with you! ;)
Leila: That was a nice place. Good conversation, good time ;-)
Paul: Definitely good! U r sensational
Leila: You are so sweet! :-) The way you looked at me, and touched me, you seemed quite smitten. What would you have done if I had been there last week? ;)
Paul: I was VERY excited by you. If u had been there I am sure I would have tried to kiss you and feel those sexy lips on mine. I had a terrific time talking with you
Leila: You tease! I could see in your eyes that you wanted to do that... amongst other things...
Paul: Hah! You could tell I thought you are hot? Oh yeh
Paul: You know I wanted to do other things with you.... Can imagine it now!
Leila: I like it when a man openly shares with me what he's thinking.
Paul: You are very sensual.. Would be great to share a lot with you;)
Leila: Very nice. That sounds naughty :-) and as you recall I AM married
Paul: Oh yeah... I had a HARD time remembering that! ;)
Paul: Do u like getting naughty sometimes? I think maybe?
Leila: Yes... all the time! ;-)
Leila: Were you HARD when we were together?
Paul: Mmmmmmm you know u r making me hard now don't u?
Leila: Yes! :-)
Paul: OMG yes.... I thought you might have been able to tell!
Paul: You are so very sexy!

So began the prelude to Leila's first Hot Wife date.

To be continued...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Wife in the Office

There is something very arousing about seeing my Hot Wife dress up for a day at work. It begins when I watch her fresh from the shower, as she slips into one of her sexy thongs. Seeing her slide the little triangle of material up to her curvaceous derriere, until it caresses that area of delight between her a truly a wondrous sight to behold!

Sometimes, I am in the kitchen reading the newspaper or making us cappuccinos, when I am filled with the scent of her perfume wafting from the bedroom. That, in itself, is arousing to me. Leila never dresses in a deliberately provocative fashion when she is going to the office. I have worked with women who show so much cleavage in the office, that it can make the workplace very uncomfortable, especially for us guys. Whether they are attractive or not, we have to be very careful of any behavior that could be used against us in a sexual harassment charge. 

But Leila is just a very beautiful woman, so when she wears one of her very fashionable and flattering blouses, she can't help but look sexy. These two pictures give you an idea of what I mean. When she comes out with her long hair all freshly shampooed, with a necklace that perfectly complements a figure-flattering blouse that hugs her shapely bosom, I get hard!

Then I imagine all the men that are going to enjoy seeing my Hot Wife during her day at work. What a lucky bunch they are!  I am sure that she has stimulated more than a few Hot Wife in the Office sexual fantasies, which must remain unspoken.

For the Single Male readers - do you get turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman in office attire? Though she is always 100% professional, never showing event a hint of provocative behavior, do you fantasize about what she might be like outside the office, in the bedroom?  

For husbands and Hot Wives, do you find it stimulating to know that men can only imagine the Hot Wife that is hidden - just below the surface - of this attractive and always professional career woman?   

Monday, July 30, 2012

New blog discovery, and update to HotWife4MFM layout

Just a quickie...

We listed a new blog that we discovered in Our Blog List in the right sidebar, "The Sex Experiment". We haven't read but a few of the posts there, which the author "Mr. X" has also turned into a book, but it looks very hot! We especially enjoyed #23: The Bar Game Experiment, which reminds us of our previous post here - Hot Wives, MFM, and the uninitiated Single Male.

We saw a nice feature on Mr. X's blog, a Table of Contents. That is a great way to get around the difficulty of navigating a blog. I am often going back to get the link for our first post when I introduce someone to our blog, so now I can just give them the link to our T of C. I'm glad we could do this before our list got too long. We will update that with every new post.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Wives, MFM, and the uninitiated Single Male

It was a Saturday night, and Leila and I were sooooo ready to go out and have a sexy good time, after a very stressful week! We didn't have anything in particular planned, but for the possibility of meeting a Single Male who had contacted us online. He happened to live close to one of our favorite bars. We exchanged text messages into the night, but he ended up at a different bar with friends just a block away from each us, and we never did connect.

Such unplanned nights out are pretty common for us, since it seems that we inevitably get caught up in our work week until we can finally come up for air sometime on Saturday.  We are lucky to have two favorite bars nearby, with either a DJ or a live band, where we can go have some fun without much forethought. And, as you know if you have been reading our blog, this is even better when Leila wears one of her sexy, revealing outfits... no matter what the plan!

Leila got the last stool in the middle of the bar, and I stood to her side facing her. I prefer this arrangement, since we can look directly at each other, and physical contact is much easier. The public one-on-one time with the sexy Mrs2Hot was great, and flirting and teasing each other always makes for excellent foreplay!  She wore a black halter top that exposed her sexy back and shoulders, braless of course, with the soft material snugly following her shapely bosom. I let Leila know how she was turning me on, especially when she leaned into me so that her breast pressed enticingly against my arm. That always gets me aroused!

We were enjoying our drinks and listening to the music, as the bar grew more crowded, and doing some people watching... which in this case turned out to be more "man-watching". Leila commented on a few guys that she found to be attractive, who were mostly scanning the dance floor for hot prospects. Then, a good-looking guy came up to the bar to order a drink, standing on Leila's other side.  It was immediately apparent that he had an energy about him that really stood out.  He wasn't one of those guys who just comes up, tries to sneak a look at Leila, or even stares silently and never says anything. Josh was smiling from the moment he came in, but I'm sure that he had no intention of engaging with us as he ordered his drink.

Leila must have felt his energy too, as she turned and smiled, and asked him what he had ordered. The music had gotten very loud at this point, so I couldn't hear much of what they were saying after that. I did see his face light up, as he clearly was thrilled that such a beautiful woman was engaging him in conversation. I enjoyed seeing that effect that Leila always has. Her energy and sex appeal are irresistible. They talked for a few minutes, and Josh and I had only briefly shaken hands when Leila introduced me, but before long he was ordering shots for the 3 of us.

How cool, I thought!  Josh's gesture was right out of our recent post, How do Single Males connect with Hot Wife couples?  It was a very classy move, and I interpreted that it was his way of both complimenting my beautiful lady, and congratulating me on having such a Hot Wife. It was like a virtual high-five, as we clinked our glasses together. Josh was obviously out to have a good time too!

The bartender came up with some concoction that was very tasty, and Leila continued to chat with Josh while the music blared so loudly that I couldn't hear what they were saying, even when she tried to relay parts of the conversation to me. I turned my attention more to checking out the crowd, while occasionally observing that Leila and Josh seemed to be having a great time getting acquainted. I could only pick up that he said he played for one of our local sports teams, and that he was friends with the DJ, while I enjoyed seeing their New Connection Energy (NCE)  build.

Apparently Josh was planning to meet a friend, and when his buddy Daniel found him at the bar chatting with Leila, I swear his eyes got as big as silver dollars! It was like.. "whoah.. dude.. who is this?!"

Josh made the introductions, and now Leila had 3 men surrounding her! I am not sure what was said, but I think that at some point either Josh or Daniel asked if I was Leila's husband. Leila will have to fill us in on the details here. Most guys, I think, are not used to a hot woman that is so forward in showing interest in them, so he wanted to check on what the situation was.  I surmised that Josh was enjoying Leila's flirtation, but he was a gentleman, and did not want to step out of bounds. When she told them that I was totally OK with her engaging with another man, it seemed that Josh was a bit freaked out! He said something about how he wasn't used to this, and appeared to be so unnerved that he and Daniel gradually stepped away, and went out to the dance floor to engage with some Single Females.

Leila and I went back to enjoying ourselves, as other guys came up to the bar and ordered their drinks. It is always interesting to compare how guys behave in this situation. Unfortunately, some are just rude, squeezing in very close and never saying anything. Others linger when they see my Hot Wife, attempting to surreptitiously make physical contact in some ways. Some are nice enough to at least smile in acknowledgment. We had all varieties of behavior going on that night, while we also watched how Josh and Daniel were doing with a group of single women in the crowd.  Josh ordered the same shots for these girls, but the most attractive of them was very stuck up, and she wouldn't even taste it. He would have done better to stay chatting with Leila.  Meanwhile, Leila was enjoying interacting with the bartender, who she also thought was hot. She surprised me by buying a drink for Josh's DJ friend, and delivering it in person! I'm sure that Josh saw that, and I got to enjoy the lustful looks my Hot Wife got from him and all the other guys as she made her way across the packed dance floor.

After a while, I told Leila I was going to the men's room, and she should "have fun" while I was gone. I was hoping that Josh, or one of the other guys she thought was hot, would take the opportunity to come chat with her. No sense in leaving all of that sexual tension hanging. When I came out of the men's room and looked towards the bar, I was not disappointed. There was Josh, standing very close to Leila, smiling and laughing. I could only see her back from where I stood at a distance, and I decided to hang out there for a while to see what developed. I waited maybe 10 minutes, which was obviously longer than a normal bathroom break, but I didn't want Leila to wonder what happened to me. It turned out that I should have waited a bit longer.

I made my way through the crowd, and came up behind Leila, where she was so engaged with Josh that she did not immediately notice me. So, I slid my hand down her jeans to her tiny thong, which was readily accessible as she leaned toward him. I love feeling her ass that way. Mmmm. Leila then turned toward me, and said "Hi honey, how do we spell our email address again?" We changed it not so long ago, and Leila wanted to get it right as she wrote it down for Josh on his bar receipt.

As Leila told me later, she had been trying to assure him that everything was good, that I was totally OK with this. He was obviously torn, irresistibly attracted to Leila's sexual charms and unable to resist at least stroking her arm, but at the same time he was nervous, and totally unfamiliar with the Hot Wife MFM dynamic. He was not so nervous, though, that he wasn't enjoying Leila's voluptuous body pressed up against him.  As I learned afterwards, Leila had already written down our email for him once, before I returned, and Josh pulled up his shirt and asked her to slide the piece of paper into his front pants pocket. I didn't get to see that, but it sounded damn hot! No doubt he wanted Leila to discover how hard he was for her.

He had to be hard! Leila told me that it was so difficult to hear each other, and the bar so crowded (not that she needed an excuse), so she put her arm around his waist to hold him close as they talked. "It felt strange", she later told me, "I never pressed my breasts against another man's arm like that", exactly as she had done to me earlier in the evening! There was a lot of mutual arousal to go around!

 "But he's right behind you!", Josh said as he noticed me there while I was squeezing Leila's soft ass cheek inside of her jeans. "It's OK, it's OK", she said, "it's all good". Josh then took the receipt, and leaned across to shake my hand. I shook his, and tried to indicate with my expression and handshake that this was all good, and he was very welcome. But once again, he made his way back to the dance floor.

It was getting late, but Leila and I hung out at the bar for a while longer, as another guy came up to fill the space that Josh had vacated. This guy stood very close, with his back to the bar, and I would catch him leering at Leila. But, he never had the nerve to say a word.  We decided to leave, but not before Leila would say goodbye to Josh. She returned his favor from earlier in the evening, and bought him a drink, also delivering it to him where he stood next to the DJ stand. Sadly still perplexed, he just said "is your husband still here?"

When Leila returned, I made sure to pull her tight and give her a passionate kiss, right there on the dance floor. It was my way of showing Josh, and all the guys, "Yeah.. this is all good... I love my Hot Wife!"

Unfortunately, it didn't go any further with Josh that night, and I doubt we will ever hear from him at the email address we gave him. Nevertheless, Leila and I were both very horny from the night's activities, and this led to some incredibly hot role-playing sex when we got home. You will have to use your imagination for now, that is a post for another day.

We would like to conclude this post with some questions which Leila and I have been discussing since that Saturday night.
  • Is it wrong for a Hot Wife to flirt with, or maybe even seduce, an uninitiated Single Male? 
I say no, that if he were to have some moral objection to the flirtations of a married woman he can always disengage. We always let a guy know that it's cool with me, to try to avoid any misunderstanding.

Also, our Hot Wife play is a part of how we express ourselves sexually, which I believe is a freedom that everyone should have.  But, and this isn't the 1st time, we clearly caused some confusion in the poor boy. Is that wrong?  
  • Hot Wife couples - do you enjoy such play? I hesitate to use the term, but have you ever initiated a "vanilla" SM this way?
  • SMs - have you been initiated to the Hot Wife lifestyle, or met a Hot Wife couple at a bar or club like this, at a non-lifestyle event? We heard from at least one SM who gets this, being aware of Hot Wife couples in public, in our survey How do Single Males connect with Hot Wife couples? But we would love to hear from an SM that was 1st initiated to Hot Wives and MFM this way.
It would be great if there were lifestyle clubs as convenient as the local bars, which were open to anyone and everyone, where we wouldn't need to think about any of the SMs being totally unfamiliar with Hot Wives and MFM.  Those type of venues are pretty hard to find, even in the San Francisco Bay area. But, one of the reasons is because SMs are not all well-mannered, and there is always a concern for the safety and comfort of the women... and the opposite of the uninitiated.. the overly-aggressive.

That being the case, I hope to continue enjoying hot Saturday nights with my Hot Wife! You never know what will happen, or who you might connect with.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Wife for MFM: Our Top 10 list of tips (so far).

We've been asked to summarize our tips for single males, and now that we are up to 10, we think it is a great time to review. The last-in first-out blog format is not the easiest to navigate, so links to the article in which each tip appeared are provided in our summary list.

1) Our 1st Tip was: It's Not About You!  In a Shared Wife MFM experience, the Single Male (SM) is a guest participating in making the HotWife the center of two men's attention. The corollary is It's All About Her Sexual Freedom of ExpressionThat doesn't mean that SMs are depersonalized into a "stunt cock" role. But you must understand that the couple you engage with defines what Hot Wife play means for them, not you. Even if they desire a bull-cuckold arrangement, that is still their call, not yours.

2) Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.  Don't expect a HotWife to be any different than a single woman you are attracted to. Some might sleep with you on the 1st date, but probably not most. Keep in mind their are two people who must be comfortable with you, and friends with benefits don't happen until you are friends, not strangers.

3) Follow the woman's signals! If you aren't sure.. ask.  This applies before and during an encounter with every woman, not just HotWives. If you are unsure of her flirtations, or what she likes..ask! 

4) Know Yourself, and Be Honest With Yourself First!  Tip #4 is pretty simple.  A HotWife MFM encounter is no place to act out or escape from your personal problems.

5) Guys, good diet = good tasting cum. This is Leila's tip, so I have to trust her on this one :-) This is obviously not just for MFM situations, but women who enjoy sucking cock won't want to take your cum if you reek of garlic fries! 

6) If you see a woman out with her man, acting like a Hot Wife.. take a chance! Tip #6 goes along with #3. The intent here is to open up the landscape for HotWife encounters. Sure, if you are at a lifestyle event, you at least know that the women there are sexually open in some way. But HotWife couples don't just go out to swinger clubs. If she is putting out HotWife vibes, making obvious eye contact... approach.. both of them! Nothing ventured.. nothing gained.

7) Sexual attraction starts with chemistry, not physics. It's not just about looks, so whatever you do... don't introduce yourself with a cock shot! Personality trumps that any day! Which leads to.. 

8) Tip #8: Confidence is the key to success! So many SMs have missed so many opportunities that were staring them in the face. 

9) Always focus on the couple and include both in the conversations.The fastest way to connect with a HotWife is to make a connection with her husband.

10) Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer.  Every HotWife encounter, even a voyeuristic one, should be viewed as a source of pleasure. For us at least, guys who just want to "do the deed" miss out on a whole world of pleasures along the way. See tips #2 and #7 for related advice. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

She was a Hot Girlfriend first... in a white spandex T-shirt!

In my earlier post on "HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first", I wrote of what I think is the #1 motivation for couples to explore HotWife play:  Whatever form your HotWife play may take, it is a great way to keep (or reignite) that sexual energy from the first stages of attraction between a man and a woman.  That energy is often referred to as NRE, or New Relationship Energy.

During some web research for other HotWife MFM sites, I found a great reference on the topic that put it this way:

  • New sex : Sex with a new partner is often very highly charged and perhaps biological in nature. Bringing another man into your relationship can result in a similar level of intensity that you experienced when you first shared one another.
  • Pure lust sex: He wants to see that "desire for a stud" look in her eyes, driven by female hormones and animal instinct.
  • "New sex" pleasures: For men and women, sex with a new partner is in most cases very erotic.
These are just a few samples from the list of motivations which the author of A MFM Guide provides in his take on the subject. I highly recommend his short online guide. We are of a like mind in regards to how there are many ways to enjoy HotWife play, without necessarily reducing it to "I always had a fantasy of seeing another man fuck my wife". The author's suggestion that couples can start HotWife MFM exploration with other activities, such as "Have her dress provocatively, then go to a public place. Watch other men watch her", gets my unequivocal endorsement!

From the time that we first met, Leila would sometimes surprise me by dressing provocatively, driving me wild with lust in the process. That is the energy that I want to continue to enjoy. She was a Hot Girlfriend first! This is why I so enjoy buying her provocative outfits now, and taking her out to show her off.  I remember vividly the first time that Leila dressed provocatively for me. It just about blew my mind, and I am sure the minds of every man who saw her, even more so because it was so unexpected.

It might have been our 3rd or 4th date, shortly after our hot encounter from "Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris" on our 2nd date. We were scheduled to meet for lunch at a large Mexican restaurant, which happens to be right in the middle of a high-tech industrial park here in Silicon Valley. So, it is very popular with the lunchtime business crowd.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Leila standing outside wearing a skin tight, white, lycra-spandex T-shirt... braless! I think that she planned her early arrival just so she could be on display for me like that, and to tease me with thoughts of other men approaching her before me. Her firm, plump breasts and erect nipples strained at the material, like one of those Sport Illustrated models that you see now in the annual swimsuit issue, done up with body paint. That is a glimpse of Leila in the photo above, in that same snug white T-shirt, pretty much as she appeared that hot summer day.

Can you imagine being greeted by this vision of such an erotic, voluptuous woman... at lunch? This was mid-day, and right in the midst of the predominantly male techie business crowd! They must have been tripping over themselves walking past Leila as they made their way into the restaurant.  I wasn't sure I could even walk into the restaurant when I saw her, for fear that my hardon would be so obvious.

On that day, Leila's female hormones and animal instinct were raging with NRE! She knew what an affect she would have on me, and she was showing me how much she was lusting for me!  Wearing that T-shirt, braless, was not what you would typically see at that restaurant, even in the evening. To say that she was oozing sex is an understatement.

We did manage to walk into the restaurant somehow, though at that point eating lunch was the furthest thing from my mind. We were led to a table in a room near the back, past the large central dining room, which required us to walk past table after table of astonished men. I saw jaws drop, conversations stop in mid-sentence, and heads spin to follow Leila as she strutted in front of me. DAMN, I thought.. and she is with me! This was an entirely new experience for me, being with a woman that all the other men were lusting for.

When we were seated, I asked Leila.. "did you see all the men's heads turn to look at you as you walked past"?  She said she did not, and I truly believe that was not her focus. At that point in time, Leila had not yet discovered how hot she is, and what she does to all men... not just me.  Now, we enjoy re-enacting such scenes whenever we can.

I don't know how we managed to actually get through lunch, but I am sure that I was throbbing the entire time. When we left the restaurant, I brought Leila to my car, and we found a semi-secluded spot in the shade at the far reaches of the parking lot. I parked, and we kissed lustfully, while barely resisting the urge to rip each other's clothes off right there. The excitement of being in a public place, combined with Leila's hot body so provocatively on display, stimulated a very memorable erotic episode. Leila thankfully unzipped my pants to let my engorged cock free, and proceeded to take me once again deep in her mouth. It was exquisite torture, and she still loves to do that. I am indeed, a very lucky man.

The lesson here? Nurturing your HotWife can bring back that early relationship sexual energy. By  vicariously connecting with the arousal that I know other men are feeling, it is almost like I was seeing Leila put her sexuality on display for the very first time, that hot summer day at the Mexican restaurant.  Now, of course, when we are at a night club or lifestyle event, her provocative dress has the potential to stimulate even hotter sexual activity!

If there is a tip here for SMs it is this: 

Tip #10: Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer. 

For us, this means that we integrate HotWife energy into our lives in many different ways.  On occasion, it may be just as exhibitionists, which you can at least enjoy as a voyeur. Each level of play is there to be enjoyed in different ways.  This is the erotic joy of having a HotWife. This is also why we say in our Tip #6, if you see a woman out with her man, acting like a HotWife.. take a chance! Don't be afraid to engage.You never know where it might lead.

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