Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris

(If you don't catch the reference, Tango in Paris was a scandalously erotic movie back in the 1970s, with an unforgettable scene that involved the use of butter ).

Leila looked at my previous post (HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first), and said "you left them hanging"!

She's absolutely right! She recalled what that online teasing led up to, and I thought I would just carry that over to another day. Now that I think about it, there is definitely a tip for single males in that. Actually, I think it applies to any time you meet a woman you are attracted to, not just a HotWife.

Tip #2: Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.
As I left off last time, Leila was telling me about flirting and teasing some guys that couldn't take their eyes off of her while she was at lunch. When I look back at it now, I realize that is the kind of sexual energy I enjoy so much, which is usually suppressed after marriage. But now, by realizing that I have a very HotWife, and mutually embarking on our HotWife adventures, we can keep that high sexual tension going. HotWife = antidote to jealousy.

At the time the chat occurred, Leila and I had only met in person once, but the sexual tension was building to a fever pitch. She described in detail what she was wearing when she drove those guys crazy. She enjoyed teasing me as we chatted from our offices. She was driving me crazy too. At the same time, she was sending pretty clear signals that I turned her on too!

Tip #3: Follow the woman's signals! If you aren't sure.. ask.

Leila: some body parts are indicating that it is quite cold in here today!
me: oooh baby... can I see???
Leila: uh huh...someday
Leila: maybe
Leila: if you're good
me: mmmmmm mmmmmmmm
Leila: no padded bra today...sheer
me: details please?
Leila: black sheer thong
me: hot damn
Leila: bra ivory
Leila: sleeveless tight green top
me: tight???? and nipples erect from the cold?
Leila: yeah
Leila: lol
Leila: down girls
me: there are some things.. the thong.. black sheer is it?
me: wish i could tell you what that makes me want to do to you!

.. then she went away for what seemed like a very long time. A fire alarm had gone off ... 

Leila: i'm back sorry...emergency came up
me: I probably needed time to cool off anyway.. hope I wasn't getting too carried away
Leila: nope
Leila: never
me: there is something about sheer black..
me: over a woman's vagina..... mmm Mmmm
me: revealing.. yet concealing
Leila: yeah....
me: as you get aroused.. opening your legs to me
Leila: whoa
Leila: turn on alert!!
me: stop now?
Leila: NO!
Leila: what are your plans for the next 3 hours?
me: I have no big plans for next 3 hours
Leila: ohhhhhhhhhhh
Leila: baby
Leila: lol
Leila: hmmm
me: don't tease me
Leila: (thinking)
Leila: i'm going to meet up for a drink with some old co-workers
Leila: which means...
me: so we could possibly meet before you meet your friends?
Leila: that's what i'm thinking

We met at a bar downtown, and you can imagine how turned on I was after that build up! I was ready to explode!  The flirtation and teasing continued as we enjoyed our cocktails. At one point, she asked for some bread and butter, so that she wouldn't be drinking on an empty stomach.

Then, with the sexual heat just so thick you could cut it with a knife, she put her finger in the butter... looked me in the eyes.. and licked it!!

Well.. that did it! Check Please!!

This was only our 2nd date. On the 1st, she seemed somewhat shy and reserved, and even seemed uncomfortable when I clumsily hugged her as we parted.  We didn't even kiss.

Get the point guys? Patience!

As soon as we got outside the bar, I pulled her into a doorway, held her face with in one hand and pulled her hair back with the other... and kissed her hard! (It turned out she liked that.. a lot!). We were both gasping for air after that, but I thought she needed to leave to go meet her friends.

Leila then offered to drive me to my car. Except, when we got to the garage, Leila kept going.. right up to the roof where there were very few cars. Then she parked, and told me to lean my seat back. Phew!!

She leaned over my seat, opened my zipper, and pulled out my throbbing cock. Then she proceeded to take me deep into her mouth, all of me,  for the most exquisite fellatio you can ever imagine...

I think I need to go find Leila now for some more reminiscing! As I said when I started this blog, it will be a combination of tips for single guys, and sharing sharing erotic stories, both because I hope all of you will also find them to be stimulating, and to show the origins of our HotWife discovery process.


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