Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first.

Leila and I have been married now for more than 5 years. We knew each other for several years before that, after both of us were in long 1st marriages. It may be different for other couples, but my opening up to the potential pleasures of having a HotWife is relatively recent. It certainly wasn't anything I thought of in my first marriage, and it wasn't a fantasy of mine when I first met Leila either.   I can recall reading Penthouse Magazine, when they seemed to get into a phase where every other letter (real or not) was from some guy fantasizing about his wife being fucked by someone else. I just didn't get that. It's still not the primary motivation of our explorations (much to the disappointment of many single males I'm sure).

So where did this begin? When I look back to when we first met, I think about how hot Leila was, so much hotter than any woman I ever met. I would have a raging hardon every time we got together. She still is! I call her my walking Viagra.

I think that, along with Leila's smoldering hot sexuality, having been (unhappily) married before is a big factor in coming to appreciate having a HotWife. Husbands know all the cliches about "sex after marriage". Comedians would say that is an oxymoron. But think about it. If she was a hot girlfriend, why not a HotWife? Being married to Leila now, I want to continue to experience that energy of when we first met. It's what many of the Lifestyle podcasters (a topic for another post) refer to as new relationship energy. I discovered, much by accident,  that similar energy  was generated when we started to visit some of the swinger clubs in San Francisco.

I think that conventional marriage, and the realities of work/life/family, tend to suppress all that great sexual energy. Now that I look back on when we first met, it was there all along in Leila. Of course, it was a major component of our attraction. I want to keep that going! At first, if she had any kind of encounter with another guy I would be jealous. How stupid I was! There is no better way to kill your HotWife's sexual energy than by jealousy.

Our new relationship energy was off the charts! We actually met accidentally online. The luckiest moment in my life. Her 'avatar' landed on mine in a chat room. I still have the text of many of those early chats. We did not meet in person for about 4 weeks. By the 2nd week, the chats heated up, and the signs of my future HotWife were evident...
me: details please?
Leila: black sheer thong
me: you must feel very sexy wearing it?
Leila: lol
Leila: yes
Leila: i do
Leila: walked into the sushi place at lunch.
Leila: 3 guys at a table
me: yes?
Leila: kind of the construction type
me: all staring at you?
Leila: just kept looking over...
me: I am jealous now
Leila: so i smiled, tossed my hair back a bit
Ahh.. that's my HotWife! Though little did I realize it at the time!


  1. Hotwife and cuckold subject are a trend nowadays.

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  2. WOW! Such a similar story for us...we met on AFF, though. And we love the energy from adding others when the mood strikes. This is getting interesting!


  3. My husband has always encouraged me to dress hot. When I started telling him about reactions from other men, it set him on fire. I noticed and ran with it... dressing hotter, flirting, and finally coming home late from work.

    It took on a life of it's own. We shopped together for new heels, skirts, and lingerie. He said things like "men will want you..." and I just said "good" and smiled and stared straight into his eyes.

    I never got his "permission" and we never discussed it in real detail. It wasn't official until one Friday I came home from work and started changing into an even sexier outfit. He asked what's up and I told him "I have a date tonight."

    He came in his pants and we have never looked back!


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