Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jealousy and Arousal, two sides of the same coin?

If you have read the earlier posts on our blog (and if you haven't.. you MUST read Leila's My heart beat faster..), you have already seen examples of what an incredibly sexual woman my Hot Wife is. When we met, experiencing her sexual energy was like nothing I had ever felt before. As I said in HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first, keeping that sexual energy going is a challenge for any relationship.

It's called new relationship energy, or NRE, that mix of excitement and desire you feel in the early days of being with someone who gets you aroused just by thinking about them. Your senses come alive. You are intoxicated by the scent of her perfume. When she comes near.. you immediately feel lustful stirrings. To be certain, she still does that to me, but it can never be exactly the same as when everything is new.

Before developing a relationship with Leila, I had never thought of sharing that energy I felt with her with other men. But, looking back now, my realizations of how exciting it can be to have a Hot Wife actually draw their origin from experiences she shared with me before we were even together. I got a vicarious charge and arousal from Leila's stories of her sexual adventures, but felt terribly jealous at the same time. I think she liked that it had that affect on me!

Leila started exploring her sexuality not long before we met. She had been in a long-term relationship, and was still living (unhappily) with another man at the time. Sexual exploration was just one aspect of her process of discovery. As you know if you read Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris, it didn't take me long to see what a hot, sexual creature she is!

A few months after we met, Leila was out on a Friday night at a bar with her other man. I'll call him "W".  She must have been feeling like driving men crazy that night, as she wore a snug black-mesh top with strategically placed opaque panels in front, which completely exposed her sexy back and cleavage, while not giving away everything. It wasn't a lifestyle event, so this was one smoking hot top for your neighborhood pub! She also put on a pair of very tight jeans, to accentuate her curvaceous ass.

Not that I saw her in any of this at the time, mind you. This is from her description. (I did get to see her in the top later, but that's a story for another day.) Leila and I actually met online, and especially in the early days, we would often communicate via instant messenger or email. That is the source of the notes I copied into my earlier posts. On the Saturday morning after her pub outing, I got a message from her. "Can you meet me", she said, "I want to tell you about last night."

How could I resist, though I was already sensing some jealousy? She and I had grabbed a quick drink after work that Friday, and then she went out and had fun with someone else!  So, I met Leila at an office supply store, since she needed an excuse for going out that Saturday morning. As we walked through the store, she told me about what she wore, how they had gone to the bar, and "W" just wouldn't dance.. leaving her to put on a sexy show that I can only imagine! I think he may have been experiencing some of these same feelings, besides not being able or willing to dance. I bet he preferred to enjoy watching the stares of other guys as they stood along the rail above the dance floor, lusting for Leila.

And she put on quite a show!

She told me how she made eye contact with a group of guys, who were egging each other on to go dance with her. They knew she was there with her guy, who sat near the dance floor watching, but there she was seducing them with her writhing dance and showing off her body.  Finally, one of them bought "W" a beer, and asked if he could dance with her.

Leila told me that as soon as they were on the dance floor, she could tell the guy had a hardon. She loves getting guys hard! Leila could see his bulge in his khaki slacks. She turned her back to him, and did this move that she loves to do.. bending and wiggling her ass toward him, as his hard cock brushed against her.  As she turned again to face him, he leaned in closer, wanting so badly to kiss her as she felt his breath on her neck. As Leila was telling me this, now I had a raging hardon. And we were in at Staples!!

She was smiling. Oh my god... she was driving me crazy! "He said.. I want to fuck you", Leila told me.

Well, I hadn't even fucked her yet, so this was really driving me nuts! "What did you tell him", I said, "did you slap him"!?  After all, she was there with "W"! "I told him that would be hot", she said.  DAMN!

The night went on at the pub, with more drinking and dancing, and finally the guy who told Leila he wanted to fuck her gave her and "W" his business card. Apparently, they were a group of car salesman out for drinks after work. He invited Leila to come see him.. if she was looking for a new car sometime.

When they got home, "W" kept teasing Leila over her seducing the guys, and how much they wanted her. She told me that it got "W" so hot, that he fucked her 4 times! He would grab his cell phone as they were in bed, pull out the car salesman's business card, and threaten to call him to come over and fuck her. From what she told me, that resulted in a night of fucking that left them both exhausted. Though she would yell in protest when he did it, it must have gotten them both very aroused.

So... why did she want to tell me this? Leila said she was thinking of me when she was turning those guys on. She was just beginning to discover the power of her sexual energy. And, as it turns out, I was just beginning to discover what it would be like to have a Hot Wife. Now, I love to pick out a sexy outfit, that I have bought for her, and show her off like she did that night at the Pub.

I'm wondering about other husbands of Hot Wives out there. Did you first discover the feelings of jealousy, mixed with excitement, when other men lusted after your woman?  How did you come to be interested in exploring Hot Wife adventures?

For the single men, I have a tip for you.

Tip #6: If you see a woman out with her man, acting like a Hot Wife.. take a chance!

Approach them, with respect, and in your most gentlemanly manner. Leila and I have been at that same bar, with her flirting with a guy, when he just acted like I wasn't there. Not cool! On other occasions, guys just didn't get it, and missed a great opportunity.

I gave some tips on approaching a Hot Wife couple in Tip #1: It's not about you! I completely understand normal reluctance to approach a hot woman when she is with another guy. But you'll know if he is into showing her off. Compliment the lady, or better yet.. chat up her guy. You'll know pretty quick if your approach is welcome. If it's us, and you are cool, you will find Leila chatting you up to get to know you too. If you don't take a chance, you will never know.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My heart beat faster...

Hi there!
This is Leila.  In "Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris", Mr2Hot gave his account of the hot encounter we had on our second date.  I thought you'd enjoy hearing more from my point of view.

When we met, I knew we had something special because I couldn't wait to see him and when I did, my heart beat faster.  I felt sexual and beautiful and so wanted to turn him on.  On our second date, I don't know what came over me...but I felt so horny and just 'wanted' to have him.  Turn him on and taste him on my lips.  Ladies, you know how when a guy gets turned on, his eyes kinda get relaxed and his words get heavy?  I don't know how else to describe that "I so want to fuck you" look and energy.  It's very distinctive, and I get that similar feeling as a woman - there are times when I just want to be fucked.  Getting him hot really turns me on.

So there we were; having cocktails and getting hot. The server brought us bread and butter.  I've never dipped my finger in butter in my life, but for some reason I felt compelled to rim the butter dish multiple times with my finger and then lick it, sloooowly.  It drove him wild.

We left the restaurant. We had our first kiss on our second date.  He backed me up against a wall in public, and kissed me, hard.  That made me weak in the knees and I wanted him.

I gave him a ride to his car which was on the top floor of the parking garage.  When we got there, I told him to unzip his pants.  He was rock hard.  I reached over to touch him.  His hard cock surged at my touch.

I licked my lips.  I leaned over and gently kissed his throbbing cock. He moaned.  He looked around to make sure no one was watching us.  I so didn't care!  I didn't know it yet, but I would have enjoyed someone watching! (That was something I would learn later in our sexual explorations.)  All I could focus on was how hard he was and how I wanted him to climax in my mouth.  It didn't take long.  I took him in my hot mouth and licked and sucked and tasted his sweet cum!  It was awesome!

I don't know what he does, but his cum always tastes wonderful

Tip #5: Guys, good diet = good tasting cum.

Beer, chips, pizza, hamburger, junk food --> not so great.  Pay attention to what makes it taste good for her - she will cum back for more, I promise!  If your cum tastes bitter or gross, who wants to go back for seconds or thirds?!

I so look forward to sucking his cock. It's also something I've enjoyed with the few select males we've played with.  It's yummy and hard, and they always love it... and so do I!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tip #4 - Be honest with yourself first!

I am a very positive guy, and I really try to avoid being cynical, but sometimes it is difficult not to be when the empirical evidence stacks up in the negative.  I mentioned in my first post that Leila and I have found it surprisingly difficult to find a good man for potential MFM play.  This past weekend, we experienced another incident that further proves the point.

From this, I have my latest Tip for Single Males (SMs):
Tip #4: Know Yourself, and Be Honest With Yourself First!

Guys, if there is even an iota of dishonesty in your approach to any woman, hell .. in your life... it will come to light. And when it does, it won't be good. Save everyone a lot of trouble and check in with yourself first. You must be honest with yourself first!

My cynical opinion, which I would gladly dispose of with sufficient evidence to the contrary, is that there are too many men seeking an MFM or HotWife encounter because they are unsuccessful connecting with a single woman on their own. A HotWife may appear to be easier, a hot sexual woman who has declared her desire, without all the burden of a relationship! Sorry guys, you're just fooling yourself. If you aren't capable of attracting a single woman to have sex with you, or if you have some issues that you are trying to hide, forget about treating a HotWife as if she is an easy outlet. It will be harder! You need to convince her husband too!

Everyone who has ever placed a lifestyle ad probably has a flake story to tell. The guy or couple, or woman I suppose, who just doesn't show up when they say they would. Or cancels at the last minute. Or just disappears off the net.

We had a guy respond to one of our ads recently, just to meet at a local bar. This guy actually came to the bar.. and he failed to approach! WTF dude?

Here are some of his texts:
  • I am here.. i think i saw u guys.. but she's busy...
  • She is absolutely beautiful!  Do you have anyone else showing up??
  • It looks as though she is getting hit on...
  • Dude, i am so chicken shit... <you're right about that!!>
  • I am sitting down to your left... over by the bouncers ... only guy sitting by myself... i as so lame!!
  • <us:  Leila wants to know what you are wearing. She will seek you out if you are shy. >
  • If u guys don't find what you're looking for, call me <riiight.. that will happen!>
Must have been bad judgment on our part. We get that guys can be shy, but come on now! It's not like we didn't offer encouragement. At one point I texted back: "Ignore the guy on Leila's left. Say hi."

OK, that was just a random, spur of the moment, let's have some fun on a Saturday night kind of thing.

But this past weekend, it happened with a guy we 1st met almost 2 years ago. The good thing is, we are glad it happened now, because we changed our plan and met a fantastic couple from Kasidie instead.We do give him credit for telling us before it was too late.

Recall Tip #2: Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.
That goes both ways for us. If we meet a guy we think would be fun to get to know better, we have no timetable. No rush! We are still exploring. Such was the case here.

He is very intelligent, charming, witty. We met once and Leila was immediately attracted. We exchanged emails, we all have crazy busy schedules, and we just hadn't been able to connect. A few months ago, he didn't show up at a bar when we had setup a date. He is in a profession where he is on call, so we believed his explanation.  We rescheduled, and in the mean time had some more hot phone sex with him.

Then last week, with a date set for the coming Saturday, no replies back  to confirm. Finally, on Saturday morning, the message came. I'll share just this excerpt:
"suffice it to say that there's something important that I need to unknot, and to do so requires me to disengage"
Leila thanked him for being truthful, and graciously wished him well in finding his path to resolve whatever his issues are. It could have been worse. 

We'd love to hear from the guys, and from other couples. Are these sort of encounters unusual? Are you SMs 100% honest in your encounters?  If you are not, care to share (anonymously) what you are looking for?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Question for other couples - are all HotWives such teases?

In my last post, I wrote about how Leila's description of her sheer, black thong led to our first episode of heated passion on the roof a a parking garage. When we met, we lived and worked some distance apart, so chatting online was how we could most easily explore our passion for each other.

Looking back at those chats now, I have to laugh a little. Leila loves to be a tease! Especially when she knows she has a guy turned on to the point of bursting. Oh how she would get me worked up back then.

Does your HotWife love to tease? It can be very erotic.

Here is some of a chat I had with Leila, shortly after she took me to the roof!

me: baby... I wanted to just drive to your office... thinking of your black thong
me: Mmm Mmm.. picturing you in JUST that!
Leila: sometimes i look in the mirror and think of you..
Leila: when I am in JUST that!
me: WOW!!!!!!!
Leila: i wish you could see me when i do that
me: do you ever touch yourself standing there in the mirror.. thinking of me?
Leila: yes
Leila: slowly...thinking of your reaction...
me: omg.. that is SO erotic
me: I MUST see you like that!!
me: imagining you sliding on the thong... your hands sliding over your skin.. ooh
Leila: uh huh...pulling it up...tight...
me: ooh... ooh.. oh
me: tell me how you do it baby
Leila: slide fingers along my hips
Leila: under the thong...
me: mm.. yes.. yess
Leila: then curl fingers and pull up slow.....
me: ahhh
Leila: to make it tighter and tighter
me: oooh. . do you like that feeling of coming up snug in your pussy?
Leila: yes!
Leila: then just move thong to the
me: I WANT YOU!!! so bad
 me: move thong to the side...
Leila: that's it
Leila: you've had enough.. lol
me: NO!!!!!!!!
me: breathing faster here
Leila: my heart is beating faster...
Phew!!! She still loves to to that! Get me all worked up and leave me hanging.. hung..
Then we started chatting about dreams..

Leila: I had a dream about you last night
me: I sometimes have dreams that are so vivid.... almost tangible
Leila: yes mine are vivid too
me: sexually vivid
Leila: uh huh
Leila: ever wake up and wonder?
me: I wake up & wonder why I had to wake up
Leila: maybe that will happen with us....
Leila: gee, was that a dream???
me: but yeah.. that feeling that it was real
me: what is weird.. is when it is vivid with someone you wouldn't think of having sex with
Leila: i've had dreams like that about coworkers...
Leila: heheee
Leila: thinking "if he only knew what i did to him last night"
It's really hot for me to look back at this chat. DAMN!  I love that Leila still has this sexual energy after we have been married for more than 5 years. I think that beginning to enjoy her HotWife nature is a key to keeping that going.

So guys, if you work with a woman you think might be a HotWife.. she might just be dreaming about YOU!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris

(If you don't catch the reference, Tango in Paris was a scandalously erotic movie back in the 1970s, with an unforgettable scene that involved the use of butter ).

Leila looked at my previous post (HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first), and said "you left them hanging"!

She's absolutely right! She recalled what that online teasing led up to, and I thought I would just carry that over to another day. Now that I think about it, there is definitely a tip for single males in that. Actually, I think it applies to any time you meet a woman you are attracted to, not just a HotWife.

Tip #2: Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.
As I left off last time, Leila was telling me about flirting and teasing some guys that couldn't take their eyes off of her while she was at lunch. When I look back at it now, I realize that is the kind of sexual energy I enjoy so much, which is usually suppressed after marriage. But now, by realizing that I have a very HotWife, and mutually embarking on our HotWife adventures, we can keep that high sexual tension going. HotWife = antidote to jealousy.

At the time the chat occurred, Leila and I had only met in person once, but the sexual tension was building to a fever pitch. She described in detail what she was wearing when she drove those guys crazy. She enjoyed teasing me as we chatted from our offices. She was driving me crazy too. At the same time, she was sending pretty clear signals that I turned her on too!

Tip #3: Follow the woman's signals! If you aren't sure.. ask.

Leila: some body parts are indicating that it is quite cold in here today!
me: oooh baby... can I see???
Leila: uh huh...someday
Leila: maybe
Leila: if you're good
me: mmmmmm mmmmmmmm
Leila: no padded bra today...sheer
me: details please?
Leila: black sheer thong
me: hot damn
Leila: bra ivory
Leila: sleeveless tight green top
me: tight???? and nipples erect from the cold?
Leila: yeah
Leila: lol
Leila: down girls
me: there are some things.. the thong.. black sheer is it?
me: wish i could tell you what that makes me want to do to you!

.. then she went away for what seemed like a very long time. A fire alarm had gone off ... 

Leila: i'm back sorry...emergency came up
me: I probably needed time to cool off anyway.. hope I wasn't getting too carried away
Leila: nope
Leila: never
me: there is something about sheer black..
me: over a woman's vagina..... mmm Mmmm
me: revealing.. yet concealing
Leila: yeah....
me: as you get aroused.. opening your legs to me
Leila: whoa
Leila: turn on alert!!
me: stop now?
Leila: NO!
Leila: what are your plans for the next 3 hours?
me: I have no big plans for next 3 hours
Leila: ohhhhhhhhhhh
Leila: baby
Leila: lol
Leila: hmmm
me: don't tease me
Leila: (thinking)
Leila: i'm going to meet up for a drink with some old co-workers
Leila: which means...
me: so we could possibly meet before you meet your friends?
Leila: that's what i'm thinking

We met at a bar downtown, and you can imagine how turned on I was after that build up! I was ready to explode!  The flirtation and teasing continued as we enjoyed our cocktails. At one point, she asked for some bread and butter, so that she wouldn't be drinking on an empty stomach.

Then, with the sexual heat just so thick you could cut it with a knife, she put her finger in the butter... looked me in the eyes.. and licked it!!

Well.. that did it! Check Please!!

This was only our 2nd date. On the 1st, she seemed somewhat shy and reserved, and even seemed uncomfortable when I clumsily hugged her as we parted.  We didn't even kiss.

Get the point guys? Patience!

As soon as we got outside the bar, I pulled her into a doorway, held her face with in one hand and pulled her hair back with the other... and kissed her hard! (It turned out she liked that.. a lot!). We were both gasping for air after that, but I thought she needed to leave to go meet her friends.

Leila then offered to drive me to my car. Except, when we got to the garage, Leila kept going.. right up to the roof where there were very few cars. Then she parked, and told me to lean my seat back. Phew!!

She leaned over my seat, opened my zipper, and pulled out my throbbing cock. Then she proceeded to take me deep into her mouth, all of me,  for the most exquisite fellatio you can ever imagine...

I think I need to go find Leila now for some more reminiscing! As I said when I started this blog, it will be a combination of tips for single guys, and sharing sharing erotic stories, both because I hope all of you will also find them to be stimulating, and to show the origins of our HotWife discovery process.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first.

Leila and I have been married now for more than 5 years. We knew each other for several years before that, after both of us were in long 1st marriages. It may be different for other couples, but my opening up to the potential pleasures of having a HotWife is relatively recent. It certainly wasn't anything I thought of in my first marriage, and it wasn't a fantasy of mine when I first met Leila either.   I can recall reading Penthouse Magazine, when they seemed to get into a phase where every other letter (real or not) was from some guy fantasizing about his wife being fucked by someone else. I just didn't get that. It's still not the primary motivation of our explorations (much to the disappointment of many single males I'm sure).

So where did this begin? When I look back to when we first met, I think about how hot Leila was, so much hotter than any woman I ever met. I would have a raging hardon every time we got together. She still is! I call her my walking Viagra.

I think that, along with Leila's smoldering hot sexuality, having been (unhappily) married before is a big factor in coming to appreciate having a HotWife. Husbands know all the cliches about "sex after marriage". Comedians would say that is an oxymoron. But think about it. If she was a hot girlfriend, why not a HotWife? Being married to Leila now, I want to continue to experience that energy of when we first met. It's what many of the Lifestyle podcasters (a topic for another post) refer to as new relationship energy. I discovered, much by accident,  that similar energy  was generated when we started to visit some of the swinger clubs in San Francisco.

I think that conventional marriage, and the realities of work/life/family, tend to suppress all that great sexual energy. Now that I look back on when we first met, it was there all along in Leila. Of course, it was a major component of our attraction. I want to keep that going! At first, if she had any kind of encounter with another guy I would be jealous. How stupid I was! There is no better way to kill your HotWife's sexual energy than by jealousy.

Our new relationship energy was off the charts! We actually met accidentally online. The luckiest moment in my life. Her 'avatar' landed on mine in a chat room. I still have the text of many of those early chats. We did not meet in person for about 4 weeks. By the 2nd week, the chats heated up, and the signs of my future HotWife were evident...
me: details please?
Leila: black sheer thong
me: you must feel very sexy wearing it?
Leila: lol
Leila: yes
Leila: i do
Leila: walked into the sushi place at lunch.
Leila: 3 guys at a table
me: yes?
Leila: kind of the construction type
me: all staring at you?
Leila: just kept looking over...
me: I am jealous now
Leila: so i smiled, tossed my hair back a bit
Ahh.. that's my HotWife! Though little did I realize it at the time!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Wives - It's All About Her Sexual Freedom of Expression

Let's follow up on my last post:
TIP #1:  It's Not About You!

The corollary to this is, It's All About Her! To which I would add (since we are talking about a hot wife and not a single woman).. and her husband! Respect that, and you've got a chance to establish a connection. Now, some of you single males may identify as "bulls", and some of you couples may be looking for cuckoldry, but regardless.. it's up to the couple to define their boundaries for Hot Wife play.

Why is a Hot Wife different than a conventional wife? 
ANSWER: Because she is not constrained by conventional mores regarding what forms of sexual expression she (and her husband) may choose to participate in. 

Think about it. I've lived in both puritanical New England and ultra-liberal parts of the San Francisco Bay area. The conventional standards for a wife's sexual conduct are not really different in either region. Your married.. you don't flirt, you don't dress provocatively, and you CERTAINLY don't play sexually with other men!

Hot Wives break that mold. But, what is critical to understand, is that how they break it is up to the wife - in the context of her marriage - to choose. 

For some couples, the husband and wife might go no further than posting erotic photos online. The husband gets the pleasure of experiencing his Hot Wife for how she is desired by other men. The wife gets to know she is still hot, and men want her. She still hasn't had sex with anyone but her husband.. but she damn sure is still a  Hot Wife! In this example, isn't there still sexual pleasure to be had by all?

Too often, the single male looking to hookup with a Hot Wife wants to jump right to having sex. Hmmm.. how often does that work for you with single women?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Tip #1: It's not about you!

I already had this in mind as my 1st Tip for Single Males, but seeing a comment over on the Hotwife Experiences blog cinched it.

An (apparently single male) reader there took issue with how the MFM experience was being portrayed, saying
"A Hotwife does not, or should not, always mean an MFM"
We agree. But this commentator went on to write:
"The definition of a Hotwife SHOULD be something along these lines: ..."
Now that's where we take issue!
For us at least, the 1st and most important thing that a single male needs to be aware of is this..
TIP #1:  It's Not About You!

I can't count how many emails we have received that start with an introduction something like..
  1. I am 32 years old, 6'2" and have a (fill in size here)" cock
  2. I'm into DP, DVP....
  3. I would love to get naked with her..
  4. I have done MFM twice and would like to do it again.
  5. How about giving me a shot at her...
Get the theme? I, I, I, .. me!  All about what the Single Male (SM) wants.

How about getting to know us, asking about what our interests are, complimenting the lady, etc.? The sad thing is that all of these opening lines are real, adapted from emails that we have actually received in response to our ads or profiles on lifestyle sites. If you want to know why so many couples say "Absolutely No Single Males" in their ads, this is the reason. These lines show no respect, and a totally egocentric point of view.

Compare those lines to these:
  1. Thank you for posting; I found your ad to have a certain appeal and allure. I am sure your inbox is overflowing, yet I feel compelled to throw my hat in the ring. 
  2. I liked the tone & sensibility you expressed in your posting. I’m sure you’ve received lots of emails but I imagine it’s not easy to find the right sort of person
  3. Enjoyed the classy pic you posted...
These opening lines are real too. 

Guys, in many ways this is no different than approaching a single woman that you might meet somewhere, but with a very important additional consideration for you to keep in mind.. this woman belongs to another man! She isn't being offered up to you like some sort of prostitute.

Perhaps for certain cuckold relationships that involve humiliation, that won't matter so much, but not for us. We make that clear in our profiles and ads. Any man that has the privilege of enjoying the sexual energy of my Hot Wife, to any degree, must be cognizant that he is an invited guest in our relationship. Act that way.. and you could enjoy some of the most erotic experiences of your life. We enjoy intelligence, respect, and class.  It is first and foremost about making a connection that is non-threatening and enjoyable for everyone involved. 

Maybe we don't become "friends with benefits", but at least if you show yourself to be someone we might want to be friends with, there is a chance you could benefit greatly!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Leila and I have talked about creating a blog or website for several years, to share our sexual thoughts and experiences. Credit for the inspiration to finally get it off the ground goes to Rachel and Andrew's Hotwife Experiences blog, which we discovered through our membership on the "lifestyle" site Kasidie. While our experiences are very different from theirs, and have not advanced to the same degree, reading the account of their path of sexual exploration was very enlightening (and quite stimulating!).  We also have had some very erotic experiences, which we think you will find to be unique, and (hopefully) stimulating as well.

I - Mr2Hot - am the writer in our relationship, so I expect that you will mostly be hearing from me here.

What are my goals for this blog?

First, as you can tell from our blog URL "HotWife4MFM", we are a couple who actually enjoy including another male in our sex play from time to time. While the FMF fantasy tends to dominate discussions of a ménage à trois, and we have experienced both to some degree, we have found that MFM play can be especially arousing and pleasurable.  Making your woman the center of attention with another man... enjoying the effect she has and how aroused she becomes from the additional stimulation... while all the time knowing this Hot Wife is yours.. can bring about a raging inferno of orgasmic energy that is unmatched by any other experience. It's not about a cuckold relationship for us at all, and it's also not about seeing someone fuck my wife. As we share our stories and perspectives here, you will discover more of what I mean.

In our explorations, we have learned that finding a good man to play with is not as easy as you might think. So, the first motivation for the blog is to get down in writing thoughts I have had for quite some time, as the husband of a very Hot Wife. I see a need for a "Guide to HotWives for the Single Male". There are a lot of horny guys out there, but our experience is that few men understand how to engage with a couple, yes.. a couple.. the man and the woman!  I don't mean in a bisexual way, since I am totally hetero, but in a way that establishes chemistry, a connection and mutual trust.

It's understandable that most men don't know how to act, though we know the desire to play with Hot Wives is great. Where have you ever heard or read any information about this topic? Other than reading some of the other blogs.. I don't think there is a good reference of useful information on MFM play.

That being said, providing tips for single males will not be the only topic for this blog. Leila and I have had over 10 years of wonderful, exciting, sexually charged experiences together. I am looking forward to sharing our adventures, both as background to help understand where we are coming from, and as erotic storytelling. Our sexually adventurous lifestyle is far from one dimensional. We would also love to hear from other couples, to share in your thoughts on exploring sexual adventure within your marriages or relationships.

I can't wait to get started....

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