Friday, May 11, 2012

Question for other couples - are all HotWives such teases?

In my last post, I wrote about how Leila's description of her sheer, black thong led to our first episode of heated passion on the roof a a parking garage. When we met, we lived and worked some distance apart, so chatting online was how we could most easily explore our passion for each other.

Looking back at those chats now, I have to laugh a little. Leila loves to be a tease! Especially when she knows she has a guy turned on to the point of bursting. Oh how she would get me worked up back then.

Does your HotWife love to tease? It can be very erotic.

Here is some of a chat I had with Leila, shortly after she took me to the roof!

me: baby... I wanted to just drive to your office... thinking of your black thong
me: Mmm Mmm.. picturing you in JUST that!
Leila: sometimes i look in the mirror and think of you..
Leila: when I am in JUST that!
me: WOW!!!!!!!
Leila: i wish you could see me when i do that
me: do you ever touch yourself standing there in the mirror.. thinking of me?
Leila: yes
Leila: slowly...thinking of your reaction...
me: omg.. that is SO erotic
me: I MUST see you like that!!
me: imagining you sliding on the thong... your hands sliding over your skin.. ooh
Leila: uh huh...pulling it up...tight...
me: ooh... ooh.. oh
me: tell me how you do it baby
Leila: slide fingers along my hips
Leila: under the thong...
me: mm.. yes.. yess
Leila: then curl fingers and pull up slow.....
me: ahhh
Leila: to make it tighter and tighter
me: oooh. . do you like that feeling of coming up snug in your pussy?
Leila: yes!
Leila: then just move thong to the
me: I WANT YOU!!! so bad
 me: move thong to the side...
Leila: that's it
Leila: you've had enough.. lol
me: NO!!!!!!!!
me: breathing faster here
Leila: my heart is beating faster...
Phew!!! She still loves to to that! Get me all worked up and leave me hanging.. hung..
Then we started chatting about dreams..

Leila: I had a dream about you last night
me: I sometimes have dreams that are so vivid.... almost tangible
Leila: yes mine are vivid too
me: sexually vivid
Leila: uh huh
Leila: ever wake up and wonder?
me: I wake up & wonder why I had to wake up
Leila: maybe that will happen with us....
Leila: gee, was that a dream???
me: but yeah.. that feeling that it was real
me: what is weird.. is when it is vivid with someone you wouldn't think of having sex with
Leila: i've had dreams like that about coworkers...
Leila: heheee
Leila: thinking "if he only knew what i did to him last night"
It's really hot for me to look back at this chat. DAMN!  I love that Leila still has this sexual energy after we have been married for more than 5 years. I think that beginning to enjoy her HotWife nature is a key to keeping that going.

So guys, if you work with a woman you think might be a HotWife.. she might just be dreaming about YOU!

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  1. She's a flirt and a tease. Dresses provocatively, walks with that sway (she's Brazilian, so just imagine), bites her lip and licks her finger as she talks. Men just stare at her. She says I'm imagining it, but I get 'thumbs up" from men all the time (as if I had something to do with how sexy this woman is).

    When we started chatting she was sometimes blunt and vulgar, other times sweet and innocent...the Madonna or the whore as her mood changed.

    It's not a conscious manipulation; it's just how some women are. And it's so erotic to watch as she flirts with men around me

    2luvbirds (Kasidie)


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