Sunday, May 6, 2012


Leila and I have talked about creating a blog or website for several years, to share our sexual thoughts and experiences. Credit for the inspiration to finally get it off the ground goes to Rachel and Andrew's Hotwife Experiences blog, which we discovered through our membership on the "lifestyle" site Kasidie. While our experiences are very different from theirs, and have not advanced to the same degree, reading the account of their path of sexual exploration was very enlightening (and quite stimulating!).  We also have had some very erotic experiences, which we think you will find to be unique, and (hopefully) stimulating as well.

I - Mr2Hot - am the writer in our relationship, so I expect that you will mostly be hearing from me here.

What are my goals for this blog?

First, as you can tell from our blog URL "HotWife4MFM", we are a couple who actually enjoy including another male in our sex play from time to time. While the FMF fantasy tends to dominate discussions of a ménage à trois, and we have experienced both to some degree, we have found that MFM play can be especially arousing and pleasurable.  Making your woman the center of attention with another man... enjoying the effect she has and how aroused she becomes from the additional stimulation... while all the time knowing this Hot Wife is yours.. can bring about a raging inferno of orgasmic energy that is unmatched by any other experience. It's not about a cuckold relationship for us at all, and it's also not about seeing someone fuck my wife. As we share our stories and perspectives here, you will discover more of what I mean.

In our explorations, we have learned that finding a good man to play with is not as easy as you might think. So, the first motivation for the blog is to get down in writing thoughts I have had for quite some time, as the husband of a very Hot Wife. I see a need for a "Guide to HotWives for the Single Male". There are a lot of horny guys out there, but our experience is that few men understand how to engage with a couple, yes.. a couple.. the man and the woman!  I don't mean in a bisexual way, since I am totally hetero, but in a way that establishes chemistry, a connection and mutual trust.

It's understandable that most men don't know how to act, though we know the desire to play with Hot Wives is great. Where have you ever heard or read any information about this topic? Other than reading some of the other blogs.. I don't think there is a good reference of useful information on MFM play.

That being said, providing tips for single males will not be the only topic for this blog. Leila and I have had over 10 years of wonderful, exciting, sexually charged experiences together. I am looking forward to sharing our adventures, both as background to help understand where we are coming from, and as erotic storytelling. Our sexually adventurous lifestyle is far from one dimensional. We would also love to hear from other couples, to share in your thoughts on exploring sexual adventure within your marriages or relationships.

I can't wait to get started....


  1. Yeah!!

    Thanks so much!


  2. Very interesting theme for your blog. I look forward to reading both of your perspectives on the HotWife world. :)

  3. A big tip of the ole hat to you, my man. You're insight for "A Hotwife Guide" to help single men out in this awesomely hot, fun, adult endeavor is spot on!
    While I've had some fantastic hotwife experiences in my past, more advice and knowledge is always welcomed. Thank you!

  4. Fascinating reading...teach us!


  5. Yes nice blog and we would like to get to know you folks more


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