Sunday, August 5, 2018

Hot Vanilla Flirtations

I'd love to hear if single males find this to be as erotic as I did.

If you’ve read our blog before, you know that Leila is an absolute goddess of flirtation. We’ve had some very interesting experiences as a result–often in vanilla settings. On Saturday night, we were at our favorite neighborhood bar when just such an opportunity occurred. Leila was sitting on a barstool to my right, which happened to be next to a spot where the bartenders served up their drinks, so there was a constant stream of patrons. She wore a light silky blue top that flowed over her voluptuous curves (braless), with skinny spaghetti straps exposing her sexy shoulders and criss-crossing over her exposed back. Sparkly earrings dangling on her sexy neck, wet & shiny red lip-gloss making her magnetic smile even more alluring.

We enjoyed the cover band and had some fun talking with a local guy who left early, but soon after she commented on the bartender preparing 5 vodka tonics (one of her favorites). Just then, a handsome young man came up to pay for them, standing so close to her right side they had to be touching. To approach the bar he had to slide between the barstools, so he was slightly facing her; stunned I am sure by the beauty he had just encountered. Since Leila was seated on her barstool, he hovered somewhat above her as he paid for the round. If you can imagine, his head was above hers, sort of looking down over her shoulder and leaning in toward the bar as he paid the tab.

From that position, he could have just picked up his drinks, turned around, and left. But as he prepared to carry several of the glasses back to his crew, Leila leaned back and to the right, exposing her sexy neck as she looked up at him. “Don’t get me wet,” she said.

My jaw nearly hit the bar. He stopped dead in his tracks, putting his glasses back down. He touched her bare arm, saying, “Oh, I promise. Offering a glass to her - would you like a taste, he said?” At this point, her head was tilted back and he was leaning down, gazing into her eyes as he spoke almost directly into her mouth, so close that it almost appeared they would kiss.

Phew!!! The band had just taken a break, and I desperately needed the men’s room, so I excused myself, hoping they would continue this exchange of flirtatious double entendres. Alas, when I returned, he was nowhere to be found. Just another vanilla male not inclined to go any further with a woman who was clearly not there alone.

Too bad for him. But it sure did get both of us hot!!!
Single males – what do you think? Could she/we made it any clearer that it was safe to continue the flirtation? Perhaps he was committed to his friends, so wouldn’t have engaged any further in any case, but it would have been fun!

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