Sunday, September 4, 2016

You Can Lead Them Into Temptation, But You Can't Make Them...

If you've read our very first post, you know that our biggest motivation for this blog is to create a "HotWife Guide.. for Single Males". In our experience, single males who know how to engage with a Hot Wife AND her husband are exceedingly rare. We hoped to provide some tips, along with sharing our erotic experiences, in hopes of helping more men (and couples) navigate their way into this branch of the lifestyle.

Many of the stories we've shared took place in vanilla settings, because even though the San Francisco Bay Area is sexually liberal in general, there still aren't many lifestyle events here that accept single males. That is much to our regret. We've connected with a few quality guys through lifestyle sites, but that has also been rare. There is just way too much of a Craigslist booty-call mentality online.

So, you can imagine how excited we were to plan a trip to the Temptation Resort in Cancun, for our very first lifestyle-friendly vacation. We were looking forward to meeting some of the couples we've connected with on Kasidie, but were also excited to know that Temptation allows single males.

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