Monday, May 25, 2015

So Two Straight Guys Walk Into a Gay Bar....

It's been about one year since our last blog post on HotWife4MFM, but rest assured we're still out here enjoying sexy adventures as much our hectic schedules allow. There just hasn't been time to write about them.

Nevertheless, it's the Memorial Day weekend, so I have a little spare time and I just have to share a hot story about last night. On Saturday, Leila and I headed up to San Francisco to revisit places where we enjoyed some of our earliest HotWife experiences.

On one of our first dates, when I picked up Leila for a similar drive to the city, she was wearing a long coat to protect against the evening's chill. Little did I know the surprise she had planned for me. After she got into my car, she took off the coat to reveal a very skimpy halter top that bared her back and shoulders, with just enough material to accentuate the shape of her luscious breasts. I had a very difficult time concentrating on the road! That halter top was sort of like the one she wore last night.. which you can see in the picture here.

On this latest trip, our first stop was our favorite sushi restaurant. There's something very erotic about watching a sexy woman eat sushi, don't you agree? Leila sat with her back to the wall facing into the room. I couldn't see behind, so unbeknownst to me, a gentleman soon walked past and winked at her. She smiled back at him, so I could tell she enjoyed the attention. We lingered over the sushi and sake, and just like that date years ago, the seductive foreplay had me rock hard all through dinner!

After dinner, we headed up to a bar where a chance meeting six years ago led to one of the most unexpectedly torrid sexual encounters we've ever had. That story is best told in long form, so I can't do it justice here. Look for our book sometime in the future <smile>. Some might call it a gay bar, since it is certainly popular with the LGBT community. But it's also an old-time  piano bar, and they happen to serve the best (and most reasonably priced) martinis in the city! We've had many great times there, and the friendly bartenders always remember Leila.

I grabbed one of the high tables just off from the bar while Leila got in line for the rest room. They only have the one bathroom, so there's always a wait. That can be a good thing though, since you never know who you'll meet in the queue! It's dark in that corner, but I could see there were a few people in front of Leila. Sure enough, someone had already struck up a conversation with her.

When she returned, we were just getting settled and preparing to order when a guy came over to our table. This time my back was to the wall so I saw him approach Leila, who was sitting closer to the main walkway. The way he came up to her without hesitation, I assumed she had already met him in the bathroom line, but they had not. He looked friendly in a swarthy sort of way. As it turns out, Chris is a mix of Indian and European heritage. "So, how's it going?", he said. Leila flashed that irresistibly magnetic smile, and the conversation just took off from there.

One of the most unique things about her is how she loves to meet people, and find out all about them. I have often told her that men just about never get to encounter a sexy and desirable woman who is also warm and engaging. Most guys are intimidated by such a beautiful woman, and would never expect such an inviting response to their approach. Leila is a unique exception. In "Hot Wives, MFM, and the uninitiated Single Male", I wrote about one of our previous experiences where the guy just couldn't deal with the opportunity that stood right in front of him.  Somehow, I could immediately tell that Chris was different. He obviously had game.

Since it appeared to me that Leila and Chris had met, I wasn't bothered that he focused so much attention on her. In fact, I want guys to be bold enough to show their attraction. Also,  given the location, he could have been gay. From Leila's questions, it quickly became apparent that he was straight. He said that he had come to the bar with a gay male friend, who had already picked up a guy and gone home with him. Chris asked more questions of us, such as where we lived. It seemed a bit odd that he first asked Leila, and then repeated the question to me, but I didn't dwell on it.  I thought it was obvious that we were married. Maybe wishful thinking on his part?

Chris kept a respectful distance as we talked, but his attraction for Leila was still obvious. It was my turn to go for the bathroom, and I also thought a good opportunity to let them chat one-on-one to see what developed. As I stood in line, it was no surprise to see him lean in closer to her. Touching her for the first time, he let his hand linger as he gently stroked her bare arm and shoulder. Things were heating up!

When I came back to the table, he was still standing closer, but no longer touching Leila. He excused himself to go outside for a smoke. She laughed a bit when I asked how their private chat went.
"Oh my god", she said, "it was so funny! He thought you were gay!" 
I suppose that I could have been offended, but it all started to add up. Chris had only come to this bar on the suggestion of his gay pal, and hadn't been there before, so he probably assumed all the other guys were gay! Just as he was acting as wingman for his friend, he assumed Leila was doing the same for me. I'm sure he was ecstatic to find such an attractive woman in his midst.

Chris' mistaken assumption explained why he asked us separately where we lived. She said he was embarrassed, and repeatedly apologized. It's fascinating how a guy's mind works, especially when he's horny and in the presence of such a hot woman as Leila. Here we were, just two straight guys in a gay bar. Two very lucky straight guys with the hottest woman in the world between us!

I told Leila how I saw Chris was comfortable enough to get closer, and touch her arm.
"Yes, and he was rubbing his hard cock on my thigh," she said.
"Did you like that," I asked?
"Mmm.. yes.. he's nice."
When Chris returned to our cocktail table, I let him know I was OK with his faux pas. I said I was actually pleased that he was bold enough to approach Leila, because I enjoy showing off my gorgeous HotWife, and I appreciate when men are not afraid to express their attraction. I shared that we've actually written about the subject, and that we have a blog about engaging with single males. At that revelation, his eyes widened and he immediately abandoned the socially acceptable distance between his and Leila's bodies. He moved against her thigh once again, and put his arm around her. She leaned into his shoulder, and gazed at him intensely with that look that says "I know you want me.. now it's your move."

With those revelations now out, the conversation immediately turned sexual. Unlike Josh in that earlier encounter, Chris intuitively understood that we are not your average vanillas.
"I once fucked a friend's wife while he watched," he abruptly declared.
"Ahh, so you've been with other couples," Leila replied.
Her eyes also lit up, and she redirected her gaze towards me. I could tell that Leila was getting aroused by the developing MFM scenario. 
"What are you two looking for?," Chris asked.
I shared my usual response with Chris. A couple with a HotWife like Leila doesn't need to look for single guys, they are numerous. We are first and foremost driven by the enjoyment of meeting attractive people that we like spending time with, and attraction means both intellectually and physically. Our sexuality is a huge part of who we are, and the great thing about people in the lifestyle is that they don't hide it. We don't seek out partners for random sexual activities, but when we meet someone and establish mutual attraction, we're open to the possibilities. Call it "friends with benefits" if you will, though we think that's not a great term either.

Unfortunately, just as we were getting past the flirtation stage, the waiter came by for last call. Holy crap! It was nearly 2 AM already, and we had an hour drive home ahead of us!  We had no choice but to continue the conversation outside before they shoved us out and locked the doors. Also unfortunately, once the fresh air hit so did the alcohol in Chris' drinks. He looked a bit inebriated, so we made sure that he planned to get home via Uber.

We were all very horny, but we would have to put this night down as another serendipitous meeting, and hope to pick it up from there next time. If Chris had invited us back to his place.. who knows? But I think that his gay pal is actually his roommate, and that would have been awkward.

Chris walked us to our car, where I watched as he pulled Leila's body into his as they exchanged their first kiss. I was aroused as I saw her slip her tongue into his mouth, in that erotic dance that works like instant Viagra on me. I think it had the same effect on him. As she positioned herself in the passenger seat, he bent over for more, and I saw Leila run her hand up his leg and stroke his bulging erection. He literally collapsed at her touch, falling into the car on top of her. Damn powerful stuff those Leila kisses!

Fortunately, that wasn't nearly the end of the evening for me and Leila. We exchanged text numbers with Chris, and as soon as we hit the road she was receiving messages from him. They continued their good nights as she leaned over and stroked my throbbing cock, telling me how wet she was. I undid my pants to give her more access, then reached over to run my hand between her legs and up to her pussy.

Leila was wearing skin tight pants to best show off her shapely ass. She reclined her seat back, and slid the pants down her legs. Taking my hand, she urgently guided me under her thong, pressing my fingers into her wet opening. Doing all this while driving is a test of flexibility, not to mention concentration, but I've had practice. Also, it's a long, nearly empty highway home at 2 AM.

Our night in San Francisco had an abundance of déjà vu. The very first time I saw Leila stroke another guy's cock, at a swinger club in the city, she was just as aroused as this. It was all new to me then, but that's where I began to learn the excitement of HotWife MFM fun. Just like that first time, as soon as my fingers slid into her she immediately let out the distinctive moan of an impending g-spot orgasm. I could tell by touch that she would soon be squirting against my hand. The feeling in her vagina when her g-spot is aroused is very distinctive. I don't mind her drenching the seats. They're leather, and have been squirted on several times before <BIG smile>.

That's how we continued down the highway for nearly an hour. I fucked Leila with one hand while driving with the other. I love finding that smooth spot, just past the spongy tissue near the opening, that sends her into orgasmic convulsions. Ten orgasms? Twenty? Who knows? Her panties were soaked, and her moaning just went on and on!

We finally pulled into our garage past 3 AM, and I couldn't wait to fuck Leila. She wanted it bad too, even telling me I could fuck her ass, which really isn't her thing. We tore off our clothes on the way to the bedroom. As she lie face down in her favorite position, I started with a big, thick dildo that I pulled from the night stand. I wanted her to feel that sensation of another cock. She was dying for the real thing, and MFM is all about sharing, so I quickly slid into her.

Leila was cumming again in no time,  and her g-spot was throbbing against my cock. I fingered her anus and fucked her harder, causing even more moans until we were both spent.

It's too bad that Chris did so much to bring about Leila's arousal, but didn't get to share in the fulfillment this time. Hey man... Just text us at 80-2HOT-7129, email us at, or find us on Kasidie! We can't wait to have more MFM fun!

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