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Leila and Paul... our discussion of her 1st HotWife Date

Our discussion immediately after Leila's 1st Hot Wife Date...

Leila had been nervous earlier in the evening, while waiting for Paul to arrive, even saying at one point  "I don't like this game". That all changed quickly once she saw him.  She told me they spent the next hour chatting, as she sipped her vodka tonic and Paul... apparently wanting to keep his wits about him... just sipped Leila's water. Paul kept telling Leila how good it was to see her.  I can only imagine how intense the buildup of his arousal had to be, nearly 10 months after they had met! Those months were filled with a lot of very hot sexting, along with us emailing him a few of our most erotic pictures of Leila, further fueling his desire.

Now Paul, having expressed his most lustful thought many times in text messages, could let Leila know how much he wanted her in person. Prior to the date, we all agreed that only flirting would be OK this evening, but I knew full well that he would probably get an irresistible urge for more. He couldn't take his eyes off of Leila for that hour, her full luscious lips just begged to be kissed, and the sight of her swelling bosom instantly had him erect. 

Toward the end of their rendezvous  Leila and I exchanged these text messages:
Me: .. tell me if he is hard
Leila: Yes he is
After that midnight text from Leila, there was silence for what seemed like a very long time. In reality, it turned out to be only ten minutes later that she called me!

Little did I know nor would I have imagined at the time, but it turned out that Leila knew he was hard, because during those ten minutes she was squeezing his cock through his jeans... at the very same time that I had texted her! She stopped briefly to show Paul my message. He just said, "tell him yes!"

My very Hot Wife Leila's last text to me came as she was on her way back up to her room, escorted by Paul. The first time they had met in a random encounter, Leila let him walk her back to her hotel, since it was late in the evening and she was alone downtown. Tonight, he asked if he could walk her to her room, promising he would not try to come in. I doubt, though, that he had in mind just a handshake goodbye and "it was nice to see you".

Leila had obviously gotten over her initial jitters, and she did not want this night to end with just flirting in the bar any more than Paul did.
"You know you can't come in", Leila told Paul, at the door to her hotel room.
He retained his honor, and said that he understood.
I answered Leila's call on my cell phone just as Paul texted about "going down" in the elevator, on his way back to his hotel.
"Hi baby", I said to Leila, in my most seductive voice.
Leila's voice on the other end nearly melted my phone.. "Hi sweetheart", she cooed, the sound of her voice oozing like liquid Viagra! She was turned on!
"Where are you baby?"
... "I'm in my room," Leila replied.
"Alone?" I had to ask. 
From her last text message, it looked very possible that she was calling to let me know she wanted to go further with Paul than we had agreed to.
... "Of course I'm alone", she said.
At that point, I just was happy that she had relaxed. From the sound of her voice, she had very much enjoyed the evening's flirtation. But there was much more than that.
"How did it go?"
... "Well, he told me how good it was to see me."
"Oh baby, I saw your picture, he must have been ready to burst!"
... "Yeah. I could tell he was very turned on. We talked for a while, and I finally told him I had to go, then he asked me if he could walk me to my room."
"I'll bet he did," I said, never thinking that Leila would actually let him.
... "Yeah, so we got up to my room, and  I told him I had to go in."
"You let him walk you to your room?"
I was shocked, but not upset. I could feel my heart beating faster in anticipation of hearing what happened next. Leila never likes to stay on the ground floor, so that meant a ride up in the elevator together too.
"Did he try to kiss you?"
... "He did."
"He did kiss you?"
... "Yeah"
Sometimes, Leila can be very coy, in an irresistibly sexy way. She wasn't volunteering much information yet, but I am sure she was still absorbing it all herself. I was again very surprised, but also very happy that my Leila was venturing to enjoy more of being a Hot Wife.
"How was it?"
... "He was very tentative at first, and I kept thinking that it wasn't you".
That comforted me tremendously, to know that she was thinking of me in the midst of this intense passion.
"WOW! Did he try to press his body against you? Could you tell he was hard?"
... "Yes, I could feel his cock. He was very hard!"
"This was in the doorway to your room? Wow, that is so hot!"
..."My room is around a corner, so nobody else could see."
"Wow baby! What happened then?"
... "I told him I had to go in, but he kissed me more. He started to relax, and he pulled my hair."
"And you liked it?"
... "Mmm. Yeah," Leila said, somewhat sheepishly.
"Full kissing with tongues?"
... "Oh yeah," Leila said, as if it was so silly of me to even ask. She had obviously gotten into it. I loved it!
"Then what?"
... "Mmmmm.. he started kissing my neck, and he felt my breasts. He kissed my chest"
"Did you enjoy that?"
... "Uh huh"
"Did you want to feel his cock?"
... "I did feel him! He was so hard! He was throbbing. When I kissed him, I could feel him get even harder, and his cock would throb and grow even more as we kissed."
That is exactly what happens to me when I kiss Leila. I call it Viagra kisses. She has full, luscious lips that would make even Angelia Jolie jealous. Every man that sees her is immediately mesmerized by her smile. No matter my state of arousal before, when she kisses me like that, my cock instantly gets hard. I also love to hold Leila tight when we kiss, so that she knows she still does that to me, now more than 10 years after we met.
"So he had a nice cock?"
..."Oh yes, he got so big!"
"Did you get wet?"
... "Yes, I am so wet now!"
"Tell me how you touched his cock." 
... "Mmmmm. I squeezed it. He was sooo hard! His cock was throbbing!"
Hell yes it was. I can imagine how much he wanted her. How exciting! This had to be Paul's lifelong fantasy and then some.  And I know how much Leila loves that. She loves to see cocks twitch and throb for her, knowing that she is the reason that a man has become so aroused.
"How did you end it baby?"
..."I told him I had to go in. He said I know you do."
I have to give credit to Paul for his restraint. I can totally see myself in his position, if I was a single man meeting Leila, wanting her so badly but struggling to not push things too far. Leila told me that he didn't try to feel her pussy, even after getting well past the flirting we had agreed to, to kissing, having her squeeze his cock, and feeling her tits. I am pretty sure I would have. So, I can respect that, even if - together - it went a bit further than we had agreed. Leila wanted it too, and I am totally turned on by that.

And there was Paul texting Leila, at the very same moment she was calling me.
Paul: The elevator voice says "going down" LOL
Oh, wasn't he wishing she had, or that he could have?
She replied, teasing him some more ...
Leila: U know u luv it :) 
That, I am sure he did! It was well past midnight now, and I had already slid my shorts off and was stroking my hard cock while Leila and I talked. She told me she was also laying in bed, and fingering her wet pussy.
"I want you to pretend that Paul is there, fingering your pussy."
That seemed to excite Leila even more.
... "Oooooh, ooh,"she moaned.
We talked about what Paul wanted to do her, and I could not hold back from cumming in just a few minutes. This was all just too intense. Phew! Leila giggled her sexy giggle when I told her that I think she is now, officially, a Hot Wife!

I have no doubt that Paul must have been back in his room stroking his cock, just as I was. His explosion had to be even more intense!  

Only the next day did Leila tell me more details, that she was the aggressor for the second kiss! Paul was timid in pushing past our stated boundaries, and she wasn't satisfied with his furtive kiss. Not after all those months of teasing and seduction! Leila pushed HIM up against the wall to show him what a hot, passionate kiss was like. Then.. she grabbed his hard, throbbing cock...

They both wanted more, and I had said I would be OK with kissing, but it is very important to always respect the agreed upon limits. 

Tip # 11: Respect her and her husband's limits, and you will likely be invited back for more HotWife4MFM play.

Leila has since exchanged some even hotter texts with Paul, and we have invited him to come to visit for more fun. 

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