Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hot Wives, MFM, and the uninitiated Single Male

It was a Saturday night, and Leila and I were sooooo ready to go out and have a sexy good time, after a very stressful week! We didn't have anything in particular planned, but for the possibility of meeting a Single Male who had contacted us online. He happened to live close to one of our favorite bars. We exchanged text messages into the night, but he ended up at a different bar with friends just a block away from each us, and we never did connect.

Such unplanned nights out are pretty common for us, since it seems that we inevitably get caught up in our work week until we can finally come up for air sometime on Saturday.  We are lucky to have two favorite bars nearby, with either a DJ or a live band, where we can go have some fun without much forethought. And, as you know if you have been reading our blog, this is even better when Leila wears one of her sexy, revealing outfits... no matter what the plan!

Leila got the last stool in the middle of the bar, and I stood to her side facing her. I prefer this arrangement, since we can look directly at each other, and physical contact is much easier. The public one-on-one time with the sexy Mrs2Hot was great, and flirting and teasing each other always makes for excellent foreplay!  She wore a black halter top that exposed her sexy back and shoulders, braless of course, with the soft material snugly following her shapely bosom. I let Leila know how she was turning me on, especially when she leaned into me so that her breast pressed enticingly against my arm. That always gets me aroused!

We were enjoying our drinks and listening to the music, as the bar grew more crowded, and doing some people watching... which in this case turned out to be more "man-watching". Leila commented on a few guys that she found to be attractive, who were mostly scanning the dance floor for hot prospects. Then, a good-looking guy came up to the bar to order a drink, standing on Leila's other side.  It was immediately apparent that he had an energy about him that really stood out.  He wasn't one of those guys who just comes up, tries to sneak a look at Leila, or even stares silently and never says anything. Josh was smiling from the moment he came in, but I'm sure that he had no intention of engaging with us as he ordered his drink.

Leila must have felt his energy too, as she turned and smiled, and asked him what he had ordered. The music had gotten very loud at this point, so I couldn't hear much of what they were saying after that. I did see his face light up, as he clearly was thrilled that such a beautiful woman was engaging him in conversation. I enjoyed seeing that effect that Leila always has. Her energy and sex appeal are irresistible. They talked for a few minutes, and Josh and I had only briefly shaken hands when Leila introduced me, but before long he was ordering shots for the 3 of us.

How cool, I thought!  Josh's gesture was right out of our recent post, How do Single Males connect with Hot Wife couples?  It was a very classy move, and I interpreted that it was his way of both complimenting my beautiful lady, and congratulating me on having such a Hot Wife. It was like a virtual high-five, as we clinked our glasses together. Josh was obviously out to have a good time too!

The bartender came up with some concoction that was very tasty, and Leila continued to chat with Josh while the music blared so loudly that I couldn't hear what they were saying, even when she tried to relay parts of the conversation to me. I turned my attention more to checking out the crowd, while occasionally observing that Leila and Josh seemed to be having a great time getting acquainted. I could only pick up that he said he played for one of our local sports teams, and that he was friends with the DJ, while I enjoyed seeing their New Connection Energy (NCE)  build.

Apparently Josh was planning to meet a friend, and when his buddy Daniel found him at the bar chatting with Leila, I swear his eyes got as big as silver dollars! It was like.. "whoah.. dude.. who is this?!"

Josh made the introductions, and now Leila had 3 men surrounding her! I am not sure what was said, but I think that at some point either Josh or Daniel asked if I was Leila's husband. Leila will have to fill us in on the details here. Most guys, I think, are not used to a hot woman that is so forward in showing interest in them, so he wanted to check on what the situation was.  I surmised that Josh was enjoying Leila's flirtation, but he was a gentleman, and did not want to step out of bounds. When she told them that I was totally OK with her engaging with another man, it seemed that Josh was a bit freaked out! He said something about how he wasn't used to this, and appeared to be so unnerved that he and Daniel gradually stepped away, and went out to the dance floor to engage with some Single Females.

Leila and I went back to enjoying ourselves, as other guys came up to the bar and ordered their drinks. It is always interesting to compare how guys behave in this situation. Unfortunately, some are just rude, squeezing in very close and never saying anything. Others linger when they see my Hot Wife, attempting to surreptitiously make physical contact in some ways. Some are nice enough to at least smile in acknowledgment. We had all varieties of behavior going on that night, while we also watched how Josh and Daniel were doing with a group of single women in the crowd.  Josh ordered the same shots for these girls, but the most attractive of them was very stuck up, and she wouldn't even taste it. He would have done better to stay chatting with Leila.  Meanwhile, Leila was enjoying interacting with the bartender, who she also thought was hot. She surprised me by buying a drink for Josh's DJ friend, and delivering it in person! I'm sure that Josh saw that, and I got to enjoy the lustful looks my Hot Wife got from him and all the other guys as she made her way across the packed dance floor.

After a while, I told Leila I was going to the men's room, and she should "have fun" while I was gone. I was hoping that Josh, or one of the other guys she thought was hot, would take the opportunity to come chat with her. No sense in leaving all of that sexual tension hanging. When I came out of the men's room and looked towards the bar, I was not disappointed. There was Josh, standing very close to Leila, smiling and laughing. I could only see her back from where I stood at a distance, and I decided to hang out there for a while to see what developed. I waited maybe 10 minutes, which was obviously longer than a normal bathroom break, but I didn't want Leila to wonder what happened to me. It turned out that I should have waited a bit longer.

I made my way through the crowd, and came up behind Leila, where she was so engaged with Josh that she did not immediately notice me. So, I slid my hand down her jeans to her tiny thong, which was readily accessible as she leaned toward him. I love feeling her ass that way. Mmmm. Leila then turned toward me, and said "Hi honey, how do we spell our email address again?" We changed it not so long ago, and Leila wanted to get it right as she wrote it down for Josh on his bar receipt.

As Leila told me later, she had been trying to assure him that everything was good, that I was totally OK with this. He was obviously torn, irresistibly attracted to Leila's sexual charms and unable to resist at least stroking her arm, but at the same time he was nervous, and totally unfamiliar with the Hot Wife MFM dynamic. He was not so nervous, though, that he wasn't enjoying Leila's voluptuous body pressed up against him.  As I learned afterwards, Leila had already written down our email for him once, before I returned, and Josh pulled up his shirt and asked her to slide the piece of paper into his front pants pocket. I didn't get to see that, but it sounded damn hot! No doubt he wanted Leila to discover how hard he was for her.

He had to be hard! Leila told me that it was so difficult to hear each other, and the bar so crowded (not that she needed an excuse), so she put her arm around his waist to hold him close as they talked. "It felt strange", she later told me, "I never pressed my breasts against another man's arm like that", exactly as she had done to me earlier in the evening! There was a lot of mutual arousal to go around!

 "But he's right behind you!", Josh said as he noticed me there while I was squeezing Leila's soft ass cheek inside of her jeans. "It's OK, it's OK", she said, "it's all good". Josh then took the receipt, and leaned across to shake my hand. I shook his, and tried to indicate with my expression and handshake that this was all good, and he was very welcome. But once again, he made his way back to the dance floor.

It was getting late, but Leila and I hung out at the bar for a while longer, as another guy came up to fill the space that Josh had vacated. This guy stood very close, with his back to the bar, and I would catch him leering at Leila. But, he never had the nerve to say a word.  We decided to leave, but not before Leila would say goodbye to Josh. She returned his favor from earlier in the evening, and bought him a drink, also delivering it to him where he stood next to the DJ stand. Sadly still perplexed, he just said "is your husband still here?"

When Leila returned, I made sure to pull her tight and give her a passionate kiss, right there on the dance floor. It was my way of showing Josh, and all the guys, "Yeah.. this is all good... I love my Hot Wife!"

Unfortunately, it didn't go any further with Josh that night, and I doubt we will ever hear from him at the email address we gave him. Nevertheless, Leila and I were both very horny from the night's activities, and this led to some incredibly hot role-playing sex when we got home. You will have to use your imagination for now, that is a post for another day.

We would like to conclude this post with some questions which Leila and I have been discussing since that Saturday night.
  • Is it wrong for a Hot Wife to flirt with, or maybe even seduce, an uninitiated Single Male? 
I say no, that if he were to have some moral objection to the flirtations of a married woman he can always disengage. We always let a guy know that it's cool with me, to try to avoid any misunderstanding.

Also, our Hot Wife play is a part of how we express ourselves sexually, which I believe is a freedom that everyone should have.  But, and this isn't the 1st time, we clearly caused some confusion in the poor boy. Is that wrong?  
  • Hot Wife couples - do you enjoy such play? I hesitate to use the term, but have you ever initiated a "vanilla" SM this way?
  • SMs - have you been initiated to the Hot Wife lifestyle, or met a Hot Wife couple at a bar or club like this, at a non-lifestyle event? We heard from at least one SM who gets this, being aware of Hot Wife couples in public, in our survey How do Single Males connect with Hot Wife couples? But we would love to hear from an SM that was 1st initiated to Hot Wives and MFM this way.
It would be great if there were lifestyle clubs as convenient as the local bars, which were open to anyone and everyone, where we wouldn't need to think about any of the SMs being totally unfamiliar with Hot Wives and MFM.  Those type of venues are pretty hard to find, even in the San Francisco Bay area. But, one of the reasons is because SMs are not all well-mannered, and there is always a concern for the safety and comfort of the women... and the opposite of the uninitiated.. the overly-aggressive.

That being the case, I hope to continue enjoying hot Saturday nights with my Hot Wife! You never know what will happen, or who you might connect with.


  1. Loved reading about your evening, so hot imagining Leila at the bar! As a SM I can say that I was approached by a HW once and it threw me off. I really couldn't understand what she was up to with her man right there smiling at me. It wasn't until later that I "got it". I'd never even heard of HWing back then, so it was bizarre to me at the time. Of course I am thick headed so perhaps my opinion doesn't count! ;^)

  2. LS clubs aren't as plentiful as the corner bar, but a flirty woman can be much freer to express her sexuality at a LS club without fear of unwelcome advances (or worse).

    Our first LS club visit there was a pool table. She loves pool, but her dress was VERY short and VERY tight (and she wears panties only when she wants to tease someone mercilessly...which wasn't that night). Every shot exposed her lack of panties to the bar patrons, who were mostly male and pretty drunk.

    Yes, she was stared at, and yes, there were comments...and a few men caressed her and touched her--BUT ONLY AFTER GETTING PERMISSION. And when she had to lean across the table with a bridge, most of the bar saw her tonsils from below. She said to me she would have NEVER tried that shot in a Vanilla bar, and wouldn't have nearly as much fun playing pool if she had to be constantly on guard.

    But at the LS club, while the guys were leering yet asking permission, their wives were 20 feet away, suggestively dancing with each other--naked. So her risque display was actually tame and safe and FUN.

    The LS is about female freedom and choice and power...and a HW is the epitome of female power.


  3. Thanks 2LuvBirds!

    We've never had any problems at vanilla bars, but I agree - Leila can't dress in such revealing attire as at Lifestyle events, which is perhaps my biggest reason to go. The downside is that very few lifestyle events allow single men, though we certainly wish they would.


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