Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prelude to a HotWife Date

It was nearly ten months ago, last October, when Leila first met Paul while on a business trip 1,000 miles from home. She usually does not go out to dinner alone on such trips, but on that particular evening none of her colleagues were available to join her. Rather than grab some fast food or eat alone in her room, Leila decided to check out a restaurant that she had heard good things about.

The restaurant was just a short walking distance from her downtown hotel, and it seemed like a nice place where she could just eat at the bar without being a "table of 1", while enjoying a cocktail at the same time. Unconsciously, she may have been encouraged by a fantasy I had shared with her, of having her take a seat at a bar alone to see how guys flirt and hit on her. This had actually happened in a totally unplanned (at least by me) way early in our relationship, when Leila surprised me by showing up dressed in a very sexy outfit at a restaurant bar, torturing me while knowing I was stuck having a business dinner just a few feet away. It drove me nuts watching the guys flock around her, and not being able to do a thing about it! However, in my fantasy re-enactment, I am sitting just a short distance away, watching and waiting until I find the right time to go up to the bar myself. That was not the case on her business trip.

That night in October, while Leila enjoyed her cocktail, she couldn't help but notice a man sitting at the end of the bar. She was not there to flirt, but whenever she happened to look in his direction, he made an obvious effort to smile at her. He was not particularly handsome, nor was he creepy, just a pretty average looking middle-aged businessman who happened to be at the bar that night.

After a while, when the bar chairs next to Leila cleared, Paul moved over to sit next to her. He smiled and said how good it was to get out of the corner, so that he could watch the game on the bar TV. Later, he admitted that of course, he came over to be near her. Paul was friendly and non-threatening in appearance, so Leila did not mind engaging in conversation with him while she finished her dinner. They had a nice chat, and eventually it became obvious to her that he had something other than Monday Night Football on his mind. Though she is normally quite an extrovert, Leila was feeling shy at his attention, and did not respond when Paul touched her arm or coyly put his hand on her back. He was obviously being flirtatious, but remained a gentleman. Leila was not intentionally putting out any HotWife vibes that night, but her smile alone is enough to drive men wild, regardless. No doubt, the way she filled out her T-shirt didn't hurt either!

I did not hear about Leila's initial encounter with Paul until after she returned home. We spoke over the phone that evening, but she may have thought I would be upset that this stranger had shown an interest in her, or that she had - uncharacteristically - gone out to a bar alone. Perhaps she was reticent to tell me that she did not protest his touches, and that she even let him walk her back to her hotel.

It was a few nights later, as we were lying in bed, that Leila began to share the story.
...How he came over to sit next to her, and she felt shy, and was not flirting at all.
...How he touched her several times during the conversation, and looked hypnotized while staring at her luscious lips when she talked.
...Then, how she let him walk her the few blocks down the street to her hotel, where they said their goodbyes and he teased and flirted more with her, asking her to wave to him across the street in his hotel.
"He so wanted to fuck me", Leila said, as she told me of the inadvertent meeting with Paul. "I could just tell, the way he was looking at me, he was smitten".
"When the bartender asked if I wanted dessert, Paul said I had to try the coconut cream pie. I think he just wanted to watch me lick the cream from my lips!"
Wow. I was blown away. Leila did not plan this encounter, nor did she initiate the contact, but it must have gotten pretty heated for her to not immediately share what had happened with me. Well, at least there was no doubt that Paul got very heated! I was a little hurt at her keeping this to herself, but also very turned on imagining myself as the lucky man - randomly meeting my HotWife at a bar. That would be very hot!

"How did you leave it at the hotel", I asked?
"Oh, I know he wanted to come up, but you know I would never do that! I could tell he wanted to kiss me, but we just said our goodbyes there and that was it."
Actually, Paul had given Leila his business card before they parted, and she had found it in her purse earlier in the evening. That prompted her to open up about this erotic encounter.

"I bet he wanted to fuck you, didn't he", I asked Leila.
"Yes", she replied, "I could tell that he wanted me. I could just see it in his eyes."

Well, that was enough to send me over the edge. "I want you to call me Paul while I fuck you", I told her. Leila immediately got into the role playing, and I fucked her in a fit of passion that left us both breathless.

There was no mention of Paul for a couple weeks after that night, but in a playful mood one weekend, I said "you should text him!"
Leila: Hi Paul. Remember me from the bar? I can still taste the coconut cream pie :-)
Paul: Good morning Beautiful! I certainly do remember u, its great to hear from u! Was thinking of you! How are you? Having good wknd?
Leila: Glad it's the weekend. Do share! What were you thinking? :-)
Paul: Me too! I was back last week and at same place we met.. Was thinking how great it would be to be with you! ;)
Leila: That was a nice place. Good conversation, good time ;-)
Paul: Definitely good! U r sensational
Leila: You are so sweet! :-) The way you looked at me, and touched me, you seemed quite smitten. What would you have done if I had been there last week? ;)
Paul: I was VERY excited by you. If u had been there I am sure I would have tried to kiss you and feel those sexy lips on mine. I had a terrific time talking with you
Leila: You tease! I could see in your eyes that you wanted to do that... amongst other things...
Paul: Hah! You could tell I thought you are hot? Oh yeh
Paul: You know I wanted to do other things with you.... Can imagine it now!
Leila: I like it when a man openly shares with me what he's thinking.
Paul: You are very sensual.. Would be great to share a lot with you;)
Leila: Very nice. That sounds naughty :-) and as you recall I AM married
Paul: Oh yeah... I had a HARD time remembering that! ;)
Paul: Do u like getting naughty sometimes? I think maybe?
Leila: Yes... all the time! ;-)
Leila: Were you HARD when we were together?
Paul: Mmmmmmm you know u r making me hard now don't u?
Leila: Yes! :-)
Paul: OMG yes.... I thought you might have been able to tell!
Paul: You are so very sexy!

So began the prelude to Leila's first Hot Wife date.

To be continued...

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