Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Wife in the Office

There is something very arousing about seeing my Hot Wife dress up for a day at work. It begins when I watch her fresh from the shower, as she slips into one of her sexy thongs. Seeing her slide the little triangle of material up to her curvaceous derriere, until it caresses that area of delight between her a truly a wondrous sight to behold!

Sometimes, I am in the kitchen reading the newspaper or making us cappuccinos, when I am filled with the scent of her perfume wafting from the bedroom. That, in itself, is arousing to me. Leila never dresses in a deliberately provocative fashion when she is going to the office. I have worked with women who show so much cleavage in the office, that it can make the workplace very uncomfortable, especially for us guys. Whether they are attractive or not, we have to be very careful of any behavior that could be used against us in a sexual harassment charge. 

But Leila is just a very beautiful woman, so when she wears one of her very fashionable and flattering blouses, she can't help but look sexy. These two pictures give you an idea of what I mean. When she comes out with her long hair all freshly shampooed, with a necklace that perfectly complements a figure-flattering blouse that hugs her shapely bosom, I get hard!

Then I imagine all the men that are going to enjoy seeing my Hot Wife during her day at work. What a lucky bunch they are!  I am sure that she has stimulated more than a few Hot Wife in the Office sexual fantasies, which must remain unspoken.

For the Single Male readers - do you get turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman in office attire? Though she is always 100% professional, never showing event a hint of provocative behavior, do you fantasize about what she might be like outside the office, in the bedroom?  

For husbands and Hot Wives, do you find it stimulating to know that men can only imagine the Hot Wife that is hidden - just below the surface - of this attractive and always professional career woman?   


  1. As an SM, I definitely do enjoy seeing a HW at work. Like you though, I make sure not to cross any lines and remain professional. I doubt that I'd be able to resist if a truly beautiful and sensual woman like Leila were to approach me at work! LOL, I can always get another job! ;^) Oddly, two of the HR women at my work are super hot and always dress professionally, but you can see they are boiling hot anyway. I do fantasize about what they'd be like in an untamed situation! You can tell when a woman has that confidence, energy and sexual heat and they definitely have it!

  2. Sucks that I work for myself from home. :(

  3. I encourage my wife to wear thongs to work and low blouses. Tight pant or short skirts. She works around mostly young black men and she enjoys their flirting.

  4. I have messaged you on herfantasyparty... can't wait to provoke and explore. . .

  5. Messaged you on herfantasyparty. cannot wait to "provoke" and explore :)

  6. My wife loves dressing for the office. She works with a black boss and a young attractive black man that shows her attention.


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