Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Wife for MFM: Our Top 10 list of tips (so far).

We've been asked to summarize our tips for single males, and now that we are up to 10, we think it is a great time to review. The last-in first-out blog format is not the easiest to navigate, so links to the article in which each tip appeared are provided in our summary list.

1) Our 1st Tip was: It's Not About You!  In a Shared Wife MFM experience, the Single Male (SM) is a guest participating in making the HotWife the center of two men's attention. The corollary is It's All About Her Sexual Freedom of ExpressionThat doesn't mean that SMs are depersonalized into a "stunt cock" role. But you must understand that the couple you engage with defines what Hot Wife play means for them, not you. Even if they desire a bull-cuckold arrangement, that is still their call, not yours.

2) Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.  Don't expect a HotWife to be any different than a single woman you are attracted to. Some might sleep with you on the 1st date, but probably not most. Keep in mind their are two people who must be comfortable with you, and friends with benefits don't happen until you are friends, not strangers.

3) Follow the woman's signals! If you aren't sure.. ask.  This applies before and during an encounter with every woman, not just HotWives. If you are unsure of her flirtations, or what she likes..ask! 

4) Know Yourself, and Be Honest With Yourself First!  Tip #4 is pretty simple.  A HotWife MFM encounter is no place to act out or escape from your personal problems.

5) Guys, good diet = good tasting cum. This is Leila's tip, so I have to trust her on this one :-) This is obviously not just for MFM situations, but women who enjoy sucking cock won't want to take your cum if you reek of garlic fries! 

6) If you see a woman out with her man, acting like a Hot Wife.. take a chance! Tip #6 goes along with #3. The intent here is to open up the landscape for HotWife encounters. Sure, if you are at a lifestyle event, you at least know that the women there are sexually open in some way. But HotWife couples don't just go out to swinger clubs. If she is putting out HotWife vibes, making obvious eye contact... approach.. both of them! Nothing ventured.. nothing gained.

7) Sexual attraction starts with chemistry, not physics. It's not just about looks, so whatever you do... don't introduce yourself with a cock shot! Personality trumps that any day! Which leads to.. 

8) Tip #8: Confidence is the key to success! So many SMs have missed so many opportunities that were staring them in the face. 

9) Always focus on the couple and include both in the conversations.The fastest way to connect with a HotWife is to make a connection with her husband.

10) Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer.  Every HotWife encounter, even a voyeuristic one, should be viewed as a source of pleasure. For us at least, guys who just want to "do the deed" miss out on a whole world of pleasures along the way. See tips #2 and #7 for related advice. 


  1. Great tips, thanks for putting that together!

  2. Great advice!


  3. Excellent advice. Be clean cut and practice good hygiene too.


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