Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sexting with my HotWife

...continuing from Prelude to a HotWife Date

Paul is a not-so-long-ago divorced 40-something guy from the Midwest, who spends half of his days traveling  far from home for his Sales Director job.  While he no doubt would prefer the companionship of an attractive woman, most nights on the road end up with him at a bar surrounded by a bunch of guys just like himself.

So, finding himself sitting next to Leila on that night back in October was like being struck by lightning. What were the odds? Paul was immediately charmed by her charismatic personality, and the close-up view of her physical attributes left him awestruck.  He saw the ring on her finger, knew that she was married and respected that, so couldn't have asked for more than an enjoyable evening just chatting with her.  Sitting close enough to inhale her perfume, and touch her occasionally in a casual yet undeniably flirtatious way, was a bonus. Seeing that she did not resist, Paul turned his bar stool to straddle Leila's, and he stroked her back sensually as they talked. He was getting very aroused! Leila had been somewhat shy, and did not want to admit that she found his blue eyes to be very sexy! She was not leading him on at all, but Paul couldn't help but fantasize about more.
As we said in Tip #10: Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer.
Paul was not at all familiar with the concept of HotWives, but he was about to find out that the fantasies he had of Leila weren't even half as hot as the reality. It was nearly two weeks after they had met, so he was very surprised and thrilled to suddenly receive a text message from her. Now separated by nearly two thousand miles, he could be more candid about his true desires. In return, Leila could reveal more of her sexual nature.

The texting quickly turned to 'sexting'.  Paul confessed that he was very aroused by Leila, and suspected (or hoped) that maybe she liked to get "naughty" sometimes.
Leila: Actually... my hubby & I both like to get naughty. When I told him about our encounter he fucked me pretending he was you. Hope that doesn't shock you
Paul: No sounds very hot! I wish I was the one fucking you
Paul: I am rock hard for you now
Leila: I would love you to cum for me right now
Paul: Mmmm babe... Would love for you to be riding me right now
Leila: Mmm... that gets me hot!
Paul: Wow... Take me in your sweet mouth
Leila: Have you stroked your cock thinking of me before? Did you that night?
Paul: Mmmm yes I sure did... You had me so turned on
Paul: You should send me a pic of you ;)
Leila: I knew you were lusting, but I had no idea I turned you on so much. :-)
Leila: What kind of picture would you like of me?
Paul: Mmmmmm. What would you like to show Leila? Something hot?
Leila: Yeah I'll have to send u a good one
We emailed Paul one of my favorite pictures of Leila, in a sheer black top that shows off her spectacular breasts, with the photo cropped to show the mesmerizing smile that he remembered, but not her whole face. (You can see that picture in our profile on Kasidie).

Leila does not travel to the city where they met very often, and Paul apparently does not come to our area on business. So this HotWife play - for now at least - was limited to sexting, which got progressively hotter and more explicit. Paul opened up and admitted how much he had wanted to fuck Leila the night that they met.

Through all the many sessions of sexting, we always made it clear that Leila is a Hot Wife, and not a cheating wife. Paul said that he understood.

Before his next trip to the city where they met, Paul was filled with thoughts of Leila.
Paul: I fly to xxxxxx on Wednesday. Wish you were cumming too ;)
Leila: It would be fun to see u again. I don't get up there much...and..
Leila: Hubby doesn't mind sharing but only when we're together
Paul: I would love to see u
Paul: Hear you ;)
Leila: What are you thinking about right now? :-)
Paul: Ok I have to admit you caught me again, thinking about how much I wanted to fuck you the night we met
Paul: :)))))
Leila: Wow. Tell me how you really feel.
Leila: I'm wondering how you restrained yourself when we met.
Paul: I have some restraint
Paul: You are a very classy yet very HOT lady, so I couldn't just come off like I just assumed you would fuck me
Paul: I am wondering one thing... what made you text me after two weeks?
Leila: I would never cheat on hubby, but we have played with another guy. We don't hide anything. We share.
Paul: Do you want to play with me?
Leila: Yes I think it would be fun to play with you.
Leila: I told hubby about you when I got back. I was in a playful mood Sat night and found your card. Wanted to see if you were interested.
Paul:Your husband is a lucky man. I love how playful u r.
The communications after that were sporadic, sometimes a couple months would go by until Paul was back where he and Leila had met, which would prompt him to text how he was fantasizing about her. Leila and I would occasionally role play during sex, and fantasize that we were having an MFM with him. He would write in graphic detail what he imagined doing to Leila, and how he made himself cum thinking of her.

Sometimes, he was very much a virtual 3rd in our lovemaking.
Leila: i went to Victoria's secret after work and bought a black negligee - very soft, silky and sexy can't wait to slip into it
Paul: Mmmmmm god I would love to see you in that... Then slide it off of you
Leila: mmm, that would be hot
Paul: You will look sensational in that new piece! Can imagine you riding on top wearing it
Leila: i'm turned on - i think i might have to satisfy my craving
Paul: I am too. U make me so hard... How will you satisfy?
Leila: i'm going to ride mike, either that or he can bend me about you?
Leila: i'm really wet...
Leila: i think i need to go take care of this...
The next night:
Paul: Sorry I missed ur texts... Had to take care of business :)
Leila: so you were horny last night as well
Paul: OMG yes hard as rock for u
Leila: Would you like to see me in the negligee I wore last night?
Paul: OMG yes please!
Leila: Pic is cumming :-)
Paul: I love this pic! You are so fucking hot Leila!
Paul: You make me so horny
Leila: Are you hard & throbbing for me?
Paul: Mmmmm yes baby! Very hard for you....wish you would take me in your mouth!
Leila: Mmmmmm
Leila: Did you have any idea when you met me?
Paul: LOL no... You seemed pretty quiet!
Leila: And here you are cumming looking at me
Paul: Mmmmmmmmmm
Paul: You make me so turned on
Leila: Sweet dreams :-)
Leila: We are off to bed
Paul: Are you leaving me tonite?
Paul: Are you going to fuck?
Paul: Still rockhard for you babe
This was all very arousing HotWife play. Finally, after more than nine months..
Recall our Tip #2: Any woman worth having is worth waiting for.
Leila: Where will you be on the 30th? :-)
Paul: Hi! I will be in xxxxxx on the 30th. Will you be there for some coconut cream pie? :)
Leila: indeed! :)
Paul: Yes... Want to lick it off of your sexy body ;)
Leila: Lick it!! mmmmm
Originally, I was to join Leila on her trip, so that I could meet Paul and potentially continue our virtual MFM in person.  Unfortunately, after she booked her flights and meetings, I also got called out of town for business of my own.  

Leila and I have only played with others together, whether couples, single males, or single females. But, after 10 months of virtual sex with Paul,  we agreed that it would be OK for her to at least meet him for a drink.  They would both enjoy the hot flirtation. After all, they were both going to be in the same city!

A HotWife Date was set...

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