Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Leila's 1st Hot Wife date

The sexual tension began building to a fever pitch, after Paul learned that he and Leila would finally be back in the same city where they had met nine months earlier. The Prelude to a HotWife Date led to months of Sexting with my HotWife, and Paul was growing anxious... and even hornier for Leila.

Ten days before they were to head out of town on their business trips, he texted her. As we mentioned in our last post, Leila and I have not played separately, but we agreed it would be OK for her to meet him for cocktails and flirtation. Everybody had to be clear there would be nothing more than that, until I could join Leila to meet Paul myself. We even texted him together, and occasionally reminded Paul of my involvement, so he would know that Leila is not a cheating wife.. but a HotWife for sure!
Paul: Hey sexy! What are you doing tonight?
Leila: I’m about to take a shower, then hot tub - relax :)
Leila: what are you doing?
Paul: MMmmm I'm thinkin about your sexy body
Paul: Are you still comin to XXXXXX on the 30th?
Leila: yes, i'll be there!
Leila: but i have dinner plans Monday to visit with a girlfriend
Paul: Do I get the pleasure of seeing you?
Leila: hubby says the hotel lobby bar is open until midnight
Paul: Hmmmmm see you after dinner?
Leila: sounds good - if it's not too late...
Leila: ok great. dinner may run a little long, but would love to meet for a drink
Paul: Can't wait to see you Leila! :)
Leila: :) ok cool. I'm going to take a shower now...talk later k
Paul: Mmmm wish I was in that shower with you ;). Ok Sexy. Talk later
Leila: I'm sure you do ;-) think about that!
Paul: I will be... Hard now thinking about you in shower ;)
Then, the weekend before her trip, Paul sent more text messages. Apparently, he needed to know he hadn't gotten his hopes up for nothing. It's extremely rare to be able to revisit such a random, fleeting encounter with a stranger, one that you can usually only dream about. And dream of it, he did.

Leila was looking forward to seeing Paul again as well. She enjoyed sensing the hypnotic spell of desire that she had him under. I can barely imagine how aroused he must have been in anticipation.
Paul: Hi Leila! Are you still coming Monday? :)
Leila: heck yeah! Why, getting anxious? :-)
Paul: :) I'm just a little excited to see you again
Leila: you just want an excuse to have a bite of that coconut cream pie
Paul: Mmmmmm you know I want a taste ;)
Leila: I do ;-P
Paul: I have some creme for you :)
Leila: you are naughty
Paul: You are so very hot
Paul: Remember me walking you back to your hotel last time?
Paul: I wanted to kiss you so much
Leila: ...you did keep staring at my lips!
Paul: I did... You have extremely delicious looking lips
Leila: and is that what excited you?
Paul: All of you excited me. And you know that
Paul: I saw your gorgeous hair
Leila: My hair? That is interesting. Hubby tells me that too. :-)
Paul: Then after we started chatting I was in awe
Leila: So my hair did it? have to tip my hairdresser more :-)
Paul: Mmmmmm yes!
Paul: And you have a great ass
Leila: My ass? How did you know that? Hubby tells me all the time.
Paul: I watched you walk to the restroom
Leila: :-D you did?
Paul: Oh yeah... Loved the view!
Leila: Naughty boy!
Paul: Mmmmmm wanted to do you right there!
Paul: Sharing the creme pie was very sensual
Leila: *coy smile* hmmm
Leila and I talked a lot about the ground rules, communicating the limits to each other, and to Paul as well. Knowing how enamored Paul was of her sensual lips, as is every man who meets her, I told Leila that it would be alright if she wanted to give him a kiss when they met. They would be meeting in public, so I was sure the kiss could not get too passionate. Leila rejected that suggestion immediately. "Not without you there", she said. She was concerned about it leading to a situation that would make her uncomfortable. It seemed that she left that door open though, in a somewhat ambiguous way.
Leila: so do you think you'll be able to behave yourself when we meet again?
Paul: No
Paul: Yes
Paul: No
Leila: you seem a bit torn
Leila: Remember.. Mike is cool with me flirting with you - but nothing more
Paul: Got it... Figured as much.
Paul: I still enjoy your company ;)
Leila: and if you staring at my lips starts to make you crazy...well...
Paul: Love those beautiful lips
Paul had left Leila after that first meeting with absolutely no idea what a Hot Wife she was. He would only discover that later, and it would remain a fantasy until tonight. At that first meeting, he had struggled to keep his gentleman's demeanor. He did his mightiest not to be obvious about how badly he wanted to kiss her, let alone how badly he wanted to fuck her!

Ten months of seduction. Finally, he would get to see her again.  Now, any texting that we do within the lifestyle is through our Google Voice number, that way we both have access to the messages through our PC, gmail, and smartphone apps. That keeps all of our communications with others out in the open.  It also meant I could be an observer to some degree, reading their text messages as they prepared for their "date".  I knew that Paul actually had been at the restaurant where Leila ate dinner with her girlfriend... as he correctly guessed (and hoped) she would choose the very same place where they had met. This only added to the anticipation and sexual tension. Even if she hadn't been there, Paul wanted to start the evening by recalling the excitement he felt meeting her.

While he once again ate at the bar, this time with a business companion, he could gaze discreetly at Leila. She saw him, but focused on the conversation with her girlfriend. After dinner, she returned to her hotel, and called me to share how her night had gone so far.  She changed into a more seductive top, one that we had chosen together specifically for this night. It snugly hugged her bosom and exposed a very healthy amount of lovely cleavage. Leila emailed me a picture of herself from her cell phone, just minutes before he arrived, and I immediately got hard!  As soon as she got off the phone with me, Leila texted Paul:
Leila: I think someone is waiting for you at the bar :-)
Paul: Hi! I will be right over to the hotel bar :)
Leila: I am not there yet, will come down soon
Paul: Are you in your room now?
Leila: Yes.. getting freshened up :-)
Paul: Mmmmm nice Leila
Leila went down to the bar, but she was getting nervous. This was the first date she had with another man, alone, in more than ten years. Her anxiety grew, as it would be nearly a half-hour before Paul arrived. She texted me while she waited.
Leila: Hi hun
Leila: Xoxo
Leila: :) I'm here now
Leila: I sat at the bar. Bartender said seats were taken!
Leila: So sitting in lounge area
Me: lounge area may be better for chatting with him
Me: can you take a pic of yourself with your phone to send me?
Leila: I don't like this game
Me: aww.. Have you ordered a cocktail?
Leila: Yep
Me: I love you sweetheart! XOXO 
At that very same time, Paul texted Leila  from the lobby, as she and I were exchanging messages too:
Paul: Ok so where are you?
Leila: meet me in the bar
Me: are you with him now?
Leila: Yes Paul is here now :)
Me: :-) tell him I said hi ;-)
Leila: He says hi too. He says its good to see me
Me: Enjoy baby.. I LOVE YOU! Show him what a Hot Wife you are XOXOXO
It was nearly 11pm, and all I could do was imagine Paul's excitement meeting Leila again. I pictured the bar, and knowing what she was wearing I was feeling jealous, excited and nervous all at the same time.  I had shared Leila with other men when we were together, though this was supposed to just be for drinks. Still, it was a first for us. And.. the sexual tension over the last ten months had become quite explicit.

I wanted to give Leila time to get re-acquainted with Paul, but I also wanted to give her a way to let him know I was there.. at least virtually. After about a half-hour of my mind racing, I texted her, so she could at least hear the "ding" on her phone and know I was checking in to see that she was OK. It also would give her an excuse if she needed one, in case she felt the need to break off the rendezvous.
Me: I am oozing precum thinking about you
Me: and I bet he is hard too :-)
Me: WOW!! Just saw your pic
Me: I am sooo hard for you. You must be getting him so aroused!
It was more than another half-hour later, when Leila returned my text, coincidentally at the stroke of midnight. I had no way of knowing how things were going, but I was very anxious to find out. At first, I assumed that Paul must have left, otherwise she would not have texted me back. She immediately let me know they were still together, but I had no idea if they were still in the bar, or someplace less public. It was obvious that she had quickly gotten over her anxiety. I had her picture right there on my screen, with her gorgeous lips and cleavage drawing me into the display, so I knew how aroused Paul must have been to be with her - in the flesh  - at that exact moment.
Leila: Love u
Leila: He says he's glad I'm here
Me: I LOVE YOU! Mmm... Look at his crotch.. tell me if he is hard
Leila: Yes he is
Me: Mmmmm.. are you looking at it?
Me: Are you letting him know you see his hardon?
Me: has he touched you?
Me: do you want to touch his cock?
What seemed like a tortuously long silence followed Leila's last text, with her telling me that Paul had a raging hardon. I was dying to know what was happening. Finally, a message from Paul popped up in our text message account, at the exact second that my phone rang.
Paul: The elevator voice says " going down" :)
To be continued...
(I know we are being terrible teases.. but this time the next post is coming up right away. We promise! This one is just so long already! ;-)

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