Sunday, July 1, 2012

She was a Hot Girlfriend first... in a white spandex T-shirt!

In my earlier post on "HotWife discovery. She was a hot girlfriend first", I wrote of what I think is the #1 motivation for couples to explore HotWife play:  Whatever form your HotWife play may take, it is a great way to keep (or reignite) that sexual energy from the first stages of attraction between a man and a woman.  That energy is often referred to as NRE, or New Relationship Energy.

During some web research for other HotWife MFM sites, I found a great reference on the topic that put it this way:

  • New sex : Sex with a new partner is often very highly charged and perhaps biological in nature. Bringing another man into your relationship can result in a similar level of intensity that you experienced when you first shared one another.
  • Pure lust sex: He wants to see that "desire for a stud" look in her eyes, driven by female hormones and animal instinct.
  • "New sex" pleasures: For men and women, sex with a new partner is in most cases very erotic.
These are just a few samples from the list of motivations which the author of A MFM Guide provides in his take on the subject. I highly recommend his short online guide. We are of a like mind in regards to how there are many ways to enjoy HotWife play, without necessarily reducing it to "I always had a fantasy of seeing another man fuck my wife". The author's suggestion that couples can start HotWife MFM exploration with other activities, such as "Have her dress provocatively, then go to a public place. Watch other men watch her", gets my unequivocal endorsement!

From the time that we first met, Leila would sometimes surprise me by dressing provocatively, driving me wild with lust in the process. That is the energy that I want to continue to enjoy. She was a Hot Girlfriend first! This is why I so enjoy buying her provocative outfits now, and taking her out to show her off.  I remember vividly the first time that Leila dressed provocatively for me. It just about blew my mind, and I am sure the minds of every man who saw her, even more so because it was so unexpected.

It might have been our 3rd or 4th date, shortly after our hot encounter from "Butter hasn't been this erotic since Tango in Paris" on our 2nd date. We were scheduled to meet for lunch at a large Mexican restaurant, which happens to be right in the middle of a high-tech industrial park here in Silicon Valley. So, it is very popular with the lunchtime business crowd.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Leila standing outside wearing a skin tight, white, lycra-spandex T-shirt... braless! I think that she planned her early arrival just so she could be on display for me like that, and to tease me with thoughts of other men approaching her before me. Her firm, plump breasts and erect nipples strained at the material, like one of those Sport Illustrated models that you see now in the annual swimsuit issue, done up with body paint. That is a glimpse of Leila in the photo above, in that same snug white T-shirt, pretty much as she appeared that hot summer day.

Can you imagine being greeted by this vision of such an erotic, voluptuous woman... at lunch? This was mid-day, and right in the midst of the predominantly male techie business crowd! They must have been tripping over themselves walking past Leila as they made their way into the restaurant.  I wasn't sure I could even walk into the restaurant when I saw her, for fear that my hardon would be so obvious.

On that day, Leila's female hormones and animal instinct were raging with NRE! She knew what an affect she would have on me, and she was showing me how much she was lusting for me!  Wearing that T-shirt, braless, was not what you would typically see at that restaurant, even in the evening. To say that she was oozing sex is an understatement.

We did manage to walk into the restaurant somehow, though at that point eating lunch was the furthest thing from my mind. We were led to a table in a room near the back, past the large central dining room, which required us to walk past table after table of astonished men. I saw jaws drop, conversations stop in mid-sentence, and heads spin to follow Leila as she strutted in front of me. DAMN, I thought.. and she is with me! This was an entirely new experience for me, being with a woman that all the other men were lusting for.

When we were seated, I asked Leila.. "did you see all the men's heads turn to look at you as you walked past"?  She said she did not, and I truly believe that was not her focus. At that point in time, Leila had not yet discovered how hot she is, and what she does to all men... not just me.  Now, we enjoy re-enacting such scenes whenever we can.

I don't know how we managed to actually get through lunch, but I am sure that I was throbbing the entire time. When we left the restaurant, I brought Leila to my car, and we found a semi-secluded spot in the shade at the far reaches of the parking lot. I parked, and we kissed lustfully, while barely resisting the urge to rip each other's clothes off right there. The excitement of being in a public place, combined with Leila's hot body so provocatively on display, stimulated a very memorable erotic episode. Leila thankfully unzipped my pants to let my engorged cock free, and proceeded to take me once again deep in her mouth. It was exquisite torture, and she still loves to do that. I am indeed, a very lucky man.

The lesson here? Nurturing your HotWife can bring back that early relationship sexual energy. By  vicariously connecting with the arousal that I know other men are feeling, it is almost like I was seeing Leila put her sexuality on display for the very first time, that hot summer day at the Mexican restaurant.  Now, of course, when we are at a night club or lifestyle event, her provocative dress has the potential to stimulate even hotter sexual activity!

If there is a tip here for SMs it is this: 

Tip #10: Understand what it means to enjoy HotWives at all of the levels that the "lifestyle" can offer. 

For us, this means that we integrate HotWife energy into our lives in many different ways.  On occasion, it may be just as exhibitionists, which you can at least enjoy as a voyeur. Each level of play is there to be enjoyed in different ways.  This is the erotic joy of having a HotWife. This is also why we say in our Tip #6, if you see a woman out with her man, acting like a HotWife.. take a chance! Don't be afraid to engage.You never know where it might lead.


  1. You bring up a good point here and one that may go unnoticed or unacknowledged; that many guys may be HWing by showing off their ladies, and they don't even realize that's what they're doing. Exhibitionism is definitely a layer of HWing. I don't need to tell you how much of a turn on it is to see a beautiful woman, secure and bold, showing herself off to all the men around. I absolutely love that pic of Leila in her white top; WOW, major turn on!! LOL, I wonder how many stiffies she caused that day at lunch!

  2. Wow... this post has a little bit of everything.

    1) Thanks for the spectacular eye-candy. There's no doubt heads turn wherever Leila goes, and that picture is only a small piece of the reason why.

    2) NRE - amen! As a SM looking to bring pleasure to couples, it is that moment for both of them that you crave. It is the moment where she's so turned on by you that she drops her inhibitions and let's the lust take over. It is also the ability to help him see that in his wife again. As a SM, you know you're not a substitute, you're an enhancement.

    3) Great story. Very "stimulating" to read, and even more fun to picture.

    4) Tips are always welcome. It is great how articulate you are with your desires and motivations.


  3. I used to take my HotWife out while she was wearing a very short, black, backless, tank-top style dress with no bra or panties. Add high heels and hoop earrings and the look was amazing. She had perfect full lips with brilliant white teeth and long black hair that went all the way down to the crack of her ass. When she walked into a room even the women would stop talking and stare at her. She was so beautiful to behold that men were afraid to approach her lest they get rejected, so I had to be the chief instigator. This brought a whole new aspect to the HotWife scenarios as I would have to approach guys and ask then if they would like to fuck my wife. I got enjoyment out of that part.


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