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You Can Lead Them Into Temptation, But You Can't Make Them...

If you've read our very first post, you know that our biggest motivation for this blog is to create a "HotWife Guide.. for Single Males". In our experience, single males who know how to engage with a Hot Wife AND her husband are exceedingly rare. We hoped to provide some tips, along with sharing our erotic experiences, in hopes of helping more men (and couples) navigate their way into this branch of the lifestyle.

Many of the stories we've shared took place in vanilla settings, because even though the San Francisco Bay Area is sexually liberal in general, there still aren't many lifestyle events here that accept single males. That is much to our regret. We've connected with a few quality guys through lifestyle sites, but that has also been rare. There is just way too much of a Craigslist booty-call mentality online.

So, you can imagine how excited we were to plan a trip to the Temptation Resort in Cancun, for our very first lifestyle-friendly vacation. We were looking forward to meeting some of the couples we've connected with on Kasidie, but were also excited to know that Temptation allows single males.

Temptation is probably less well known in the lifestyle than the Desire resorts (same owner), but Desire is couples-only. While Temptation doesn't state that it's specifically a lifestyle resort, you'll see ads for a local swinger's website in the lobby, sex toys/lube/condoms etc. in the gift shop, and a significant percentage of the visitors are in the lifestyle. I'd guess that includes at least half the couples to some degree, and those who aren't chose Temptation as a getaway to explore their sexuality in the tropical, topless-optional environment. The resort is very lifestyle friendly, but they disallow sex in the public places (theoretically), so there aren't any play rooms. Regardless, we did see a few exhibitionists.

One of the nice things about Temptation is that you can make your experience as vanilla or as wild as you like. We opted to spend most of our days at the "quiet pool", where there were plenty of attractive topless women, while staying out of range of the constant din at the so-called "sexy pool". At the latter, you'll experience an all-day spring-break atmosphere, with a daily calendar of naughty games ranging from wet T-shirt contests to the Miss Temptation competition, which included women demonstrating their oral skills by going down on a dildo. If that's your thing.. fine, but we found it to be too crude for our tastes, and not at all relaxing.

We'd rather save our energy for the nightly events in the "Paty-O" outdoor nightclub. Every night has a different theme, and most start with a warm-up event at the smaller "Nice Shoes" room. The male/female Strip Sensation show was very entertaining.

For our nights at the Paty'O, Leila selected very hot outfits to go with each theme. Up above, you can see her in the sexy outfit she wore for the Fetish/BDSM night that followed the Strip Sensation show. That was only our second night there, but the night before we noticed a group of very fit young guys at the Paty-O, all of them shirtless. Leila particularly admired the physique of the tallest member of the group, but we found it strange that they just stuck together, not approaching any of the sexy women to dance or chat, even though there were plenty of hot single ladies there too. We also saw them around the property during the day, but it  seemed they were just showing off their bodies, or gawking. Maybe they expected women to just fall all over them.

At the Paty'O for Fetish Night, Leila was in a very sexy mood and decided that if those guys were too shy to approach, she would just go up and introduce herself! I love it when she does that! Guys, imagine her approaching you in that fishnet, low-cut top with the studded bra!

Leila excused herself to the ladies room, and when I turned to look for her 5 minutes later, I saw her dazzling smile as she talked to the tall guy that she liked. Let's call him TG. After chatting with him for a bit, he followed her to the bar where I was sitting. Apparently, Leila told him to come over and socialize. She introduced him, we shook hands, and.. well.. that was it! He introduced one of his pals, but that was it for his "socializing". Now, I shouldn't have to point out to any guy that an invitation from Leila to come "socialize" is infinitely better than spending the night with your pals.. but that's what he did. Baffling, but it didn't keep us from having a hot night in our room later, role-playing what could have been!

As our week at Temptation went on, I'm sure there was more overt sexual behavior (often unwanted groping we heard) in the sexy pool, but nights at the Paty'O were surprisingly mild. We enjoyed connecting with some of our fellow Kasidie couples, but all the single guys seemed to be clueless voyeurs. One had a different outrageous costume every night. Interesting idea, but when we talked to him he said he was anxious to leave. I guess it wasn't working for him. Another young guy stared at Leila so much he looked like a zombie. At one point, he even moved closer to our bar stools, but never spoke.

On one of our last nights at Temptation, a couple of studs were sitting directly on the opposite side of the bar from us, and I noticed one of them would do a room scan (c'mon guys - you know what I'm talking about), then his pupils would fix on Leila like he had X-ray vision. I told her to watch his eyes, because guys will orient their head and body like they aren't looking in a particular direction, but he was so close it was obvious. The couple next to us must have thought I was nuts, because I would call out "scanning.. and lock" over and over. LOL.

Leila thought he was very hot. Sort of like Channing Tatum. So, once again I watched as she went over to say hi, dressed in the hot outfit you see here. I watched as they chatted, and he certainly seemed to enjoy the encounter. I wasn't sure what she had told him, but at one point he turned to look at me, and I just nodded and tipped my glass to him to let him know I approved.

I found out later that he was from Scotland and (Leila said) had a very sexy accent. He asked who she was with. That's when Leila pointed to me on the other side of the bar. Scotty asked if we had an "open" relationship. She told him it's not open (i.e we openly share in all lifestyle activities with each other, but aren't "open" in the sense of connecting with others independently), but that I enjoy sharing her with another guy.  And.. that was about it!

A few minutes later, Leila came back to my side of the bar.. alone!  I think she was a little pissed this time, and rightly so. Scotty just went back to scanning. After a little while he took his shirt off just like the guys earlier in the week.. and so did his buddy! (OK... the weather is hot, but what's up with two guys doing it together!?)

Well, the upside is that once again the whole evening made Leila very horny, and I was the beneficiary of that. But guys, the main purpose of this post is to give you a few tips, specifically on the Temptation Resort.

We've seen some guys asking for tips on the Temptation Forum site, so we're glad to help. All of our previous tips still apply here, so keep those in mind as well.
  1. There's no guarantee a couple you see at Temptation is in the lifestyle, or open to single males if they are, but that shouldn't stop you from socializing. Just be pleasant and say hello. 
    • Unlike at a bar back home, you've already got a bunch of things in common, so it should be easy to start a conversation. You're all on vacation, staying at the same resort, eating at the same restaurants, etc. So ask them where they're from, if it's their 1st time to Temptation, etc.  Just be friendly and see where it goes.
  2. Be classy. 
    • Keep your shirt on in the club, even if you look like Channing Tatum (OK.. maybe.. just maybe.. there's an exception there, but save it for after hello). 
  3. This goes without saying everywhere, but don't be a jerk! 
    • Don't stare. Don't grab women in the pool. Just because they're topless, maybe even showing off, doesn't mean they're inviting your touch.
  4. Go read our post on "How do Single Males connect with Hot Wife couples?" It applies at Temptation as well as at vanilla bars.
  5. Most important is to know that there are definitely couples at Temptation open to playing with single males. 
    • Be friendly and cool during the day, because the introductions you make then may help break the ice for a night of partying. Even if that couple you spoke to at the pool bar isn't into playing with you, others seeing them comfortably chatting with you will gather that you're a good guy. 
I can't think of  better place to go than Temptation. Unfortunately, they'll be closing for renovation in September, but if you should definitely put in in your travel plans for when they reopen late 2017. We're hoping to get back soon, and next time we want to meet some guys who aren't so shy!


    1. Awesome blog you two! Those stories are a bit hard to believe- even mind boggling. From what we saw they should've been tripping over themselves to spend more than a few minutes with the lovely Leila...

    2. Thanks Mr. Jones. Agreed! But spending time with sexy couples like you & Mrs. Jones was great! BTW - All our stories are 100℅ true, thanks to sexy Leila. 💋

    3. Leila has an incredible rack. She really seems like fun. Wish I could run into you all one day.


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