Friday, April 5, 2013

Jake's story

In "Stimulate her mind... and the rest will follow.", we shared the story of Jake, a SM that we met online who exemplifies so many of the right ways to engage with a HotWife4MFM that I may have overdone it with the links to tips in previous posts. After we posted that story, Jake asked if we might be interested in posting his point of view on our meeting, connecting, and that very hot, orgasmic night of a MFM threesome some via chat and phone sex. 

I thought that was a great idea! We might even want to start up a stories from SM page here.

So... here is Jake's Story.

Business trips can either be jam packed, or intensely boring. This one started out slow, and as I settled into my hotel room, I decided to peruse the web a bit to see if there were any interesting people to connect with in town. There I found a particularly interesting Craigslist posting that referenced the HotWife4MFM blog.

After a few minutes on the blog, I was immediately intrigued. I sent off a quick prayer of an e-mail and was pleasantly surprised when I received a response (Craigslist is SO flaky). The response was pretty vanilla, but they mentioned their membership on Kasidie, so I decided to quick jump over there and spruce up my long-dormant profile on that site. The Swing LifeStyle (SLS) site tends to be far more popular in my neck of the woods, but this was a fantastic reminder to keep as many doors open as you can.

I was so thrilled when that first message led to a much longer conversation. It became abundantly clear to me that I was dealing with a loving husband who wanted nothing more for his wife than her total comfort and indulgence - exactly what I want to provide. I was ecstatic when they trusted me with their contact information and the conversation continued.

After getting introduced to Mike online the second day of my trip, my final night in town was a bit of a blur of client entertainment and typical travel BS. Luckily, my 6AM flight the following morning gave me an excuse to turn in early. Of course, I was mostly looking forward to getting back to the privacy of my room to keep the conversation going with this fantastic couple.

Since he and I were immediately hitting it off, I was dying to understand if she and I would share the connection necessary to really explore further.

By about the 3rd IM with Leila, I was confident that this was going to be something extraordinary. I've always believed that if you can get a woman to laugh, you can also get other "pleasurable responses" from her, and we were both giggling in no time. She immediately put out that incredibly sexy aura of someone who knows she's very attractive, but isn't stuck up about it. She had that quiet confidence of knowing that her husband will always love her. She clearly knew that men wanted her, but she wasn't a bitch about it, she embraced it. 

It was intoxicating!

After a few laughs and a little getting to know one another through online chat, I could notice her responses getting a bit more erratic, so I finally asked the question if she was aroused. I guessed we had worked our way at least to a "tingle," so when she admitted to "throbbing," I was immediately aroused. From there, things got even hotter the second we got on the phone.

I was greeted with her very bubbly, yet seductive voice, and the first bit of information she volunteered was that she was naked on the bed face-down, and her loving husband was stroking and pleasuring her. From there, the evening turned in to a speakerphone blur of discussing fantasies and her panting and moaning her way through several very intense and beautiful orgasms.

Here's where the story takes a little break. Since they mentioned they were nearby, and I had this lovely room to share, I described a very hot fantasy, and offered them the opportunity to come by and indulge in it. Of course, I understood that it was a crazy request, but hey, sometimes you've got to take a shot.

The reality of the evening was such that busy work schedules, and the fun the two of them were having at home, meant my request to meet was unrealistic. We engaged in more hot talk, and I lost track of the number of times she climaxed. Eventually, I decided it was OK for me to "let loose" and let her hear just how hot she made me that wonderful evening.

Of course, I can't help but let my mind wander a bit to what could have happened if things played out a bit differently, and my new friends decided to indulge my request.
In my mind's eye, I looked around my nice, comfortable room and could see an incredibly sensual and decadent scene playing out. I could almost hear the giggles outside as they knock at my door and feel the firm handshake with him followed by the quick hug from her as we work our way into the room. 
My mind was swirling of images of him sitting at the desk as she and I sat at the edge of the bed - getting to know one another. I could feel him squirm with that intoxicating mix of indulgent feelings, as she and I began to allow our hands to wander and our lips came together for the first time.
Every picture of Leila in their Kasidie profile showed a radiant smile and her phenomenal lips - the anticipation of that first kiss is amazing, and I could practically see the room exploding with lust and passion as we first indulged one another.
As the exploring and connection became even more intense, I can see her turning to him with a huge smile that is both an expression of lust and appreciation for how incredible she feels. With a slight, confident nod of her head, she directs him over to the other bed so he can get a better look. She stands between us, facing me with her back to him and drops her simple dress to the floor to expose herself completely to us both.

He can see the spark of pure lust in my eyes as I take in his wife's perfect form. I can see myself standing to meet her as she begins to disrobe me before she sinks to the floor. She looks back at him one more time before licking her lips and dropping my boxers to the floor.

The look in her eyes when she finally surveys just how aroused she has me sends me over the top. Her expert lips and lustful eyes have me in a trance of pleasure. Of course, seeing his wife in this lusty, sexual, powerful position has him aroused as well, and he's quickly stripping down without removing his eyes from the situation.
From there, the evening is a blur of her going back and forth between the two beds, taking and indulging in whatever with whoever her desire dictates. The whirlwind of sexual indulgence isn't like playing out a script or set of moves, but more a flow and series of moments that flash through my head like a "greatest hits" reel.

That night wasn't meant to be, but here's to hoping that it was simply laying the groundwork for greater times to come...

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